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How to Start Swimming for Fitness


How to Start Swimming for Fitness

For many Aussies, swimming seems to be in our DNA. But perhaps you’d like to start swimming for fitness – or perfect your technique? Whatever your swimming and fitness goals, we’ve got you covered with this handy guide:

Step 1: Hire a swim coach

If your last experience in the pool saw a scary woman with a whistle scream ‘til you tumble-turned correctly, you’re not alone.
But don’t worry: adult swim coaches are a whole different ballgame (pool game?). In just a few sessions, they’ll have you swimming laps like Thorpie (results may vary). They’ll help pinpoint areas for improvement, and correct any technique issues early on.
Even if you don’t want to compete in the pool, having a few coaching sessions first can get you set on the right path – and ensure you enjoy every single swim.

Step 2: Get the right gear

Let’s be frank: ploughing through chlorinated water can be a slog. So you want to be prepared. Be sure to invest in some quality swimwear and gear, such as:
Comfortable swimsuit
Well-fitting goggles
Ear plugs
Swimming cap
Fins: these give your legs an extra workout, and help you power through the water
Kickboard if you’re starting out – or want to just work your legs
Pull-buoy if you’re starting out – or want to work your upper body
Specialty shampoo and conditioner for chlorinated hair

Step 3: Start slowly

OK, so I know I said you’d be swimming like Thorpie after a few sessions. But really, it’s best to build it up over time. And if it’s been a while before laps, it can take longer to adapt to moving your body underwater.
Stick with the slow lane to start with (don’t worry, you won’t be the only one). For your first couple of swims, swim for as long as you can, and then rest until you’re ready to go again. Aim for around 20 minutes of swimming, and build it up over time.
You can set yourself small challenges, too. Keep an eye on the pool clock, and try to extend your swim by a few seconds each time, while reducing your rest sessions. Over time, you’ll find your swimming stamina improves – and emerge feeling refreshed and well worked out after every session.

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