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How To Program Crystals

In crystal therapy a program is understood as a set of activities or instructions that are designed to achieve specified goals. Crystals are live mineral formations that function by maintaining nature’s energy field. This is also the natural programming of crystals. Crystals give off energy that is invisible to the naked eye. Under the universal law of attraction, the energy given off by a crystal attracts similar energies from nature. It is believed that a crystal may be programmed to help manifest your thoughts into reality.

Programming a crystal is a simple process to make your crystal magnify your thoughts and transmit your amplified thoughts to the world. Following the law of attraction, the thoughts you send out will attract the same things or event to materialise in your life.

Basic principles behind programming crystals

Anyone can program crystals. You will need to choose a crystal for this purpose and some salt to cleanse it before programming it. The following are basic principles that you should observe when you want to program crystals:

Crystals absorb energies of people and things around them

Living things give off energy. Crystals can absorb the energy of living things that are nearby and give off the same energy that it has absorbed. You will want to ensure that your crystal is cleansed of any negative energy that it may have absorbed from someone who previously handled it or owned it.

Program only cleansed crystals

There are simple ways of cleaning crystals. One is by soaking your crystal in a salt water solution or to sprinkle some dry sea salt over it. Salt is a symbol of purification and is also considered a powerful cleanser for crystals. (Please note not to use salt water to cleanse porous crystals such as Selenite.) Another way of cleansing your crystal is by smudging or passing smoke coming from burning sage or a white candle.

Positive thoughts should be embedded in a crystal

It is best to program a crystal with positive thoughts instead of negative ones because your crystal will amplify negative thoughts and release the program back at you. Choose a positive thought that is suitable for your crystal and picture personal happiness, good health or any other positive vision. Program the crystal by holding it using your non-dominant hand in an upright position and cup the termination of the crystal with your dominant hand while holding your positive thought using mental images. You can also program your crystal by repeating affirmations while holding it with your dominant hand. For others, writing down a positive thought on a piece of paper and placing the crystal on top of the written thought works like a program.

Repetition is essential for programming

It is important to repeat the programming method until you feel like the crystal has absorbed your thought projections sufficiently. Repetition is important because it is believed that part of the power of crystal programming lies in your mind as you develop positive patterns of thinking while the crystal merely amplifies your thoughts.

A crystal may be re-programmed for other uses by following the same principles of cleansing and programming with positive thoughts. After you have been able to program your crystal repeatedly, you may carry your crystal wherever you go or place it in appropriate places in your home where it may serve its purpose.

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