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How Does Myopractic Treat Pain?

Myopractic, developed in Australia, is a unique therapy that connects the muscles and soft tissues to provide pain relief and realign the body.

The Myopractic Approach

The core of myopractic practice is that muscles move the skeleton. So if our muscles aren’t performing properly, we can experience pain and injury in our skeletal system.
In myopractic treatment, your practitioner will draw on techniques from several proven therapies – chiropractic, osteopathy, Bowen Technique and even Chinese massage.

Why Try Myopractic?

According to myopractic therapists, there are several benefits to trying the treatment:

  • It works fast, so you may not need many treatments to see benefit.
  • Fewer treatments means myopractic can be less expensive, especially since it is suited to conditions that other therapies aren’t as successful at treating.
  • The process involves a postural assessment and treatment plan, so you get a greater understanding of your body and its needs – as well as what the therapist will do to treat your pain.

Myopractic for Pain Rrelief

The myopractic philosophy is that muscles play a major part in sparking pain and injury. For instance, sitting down at a desk all day affects our posture and muscles. Add to that all of the other things we do in our lives – doing chores, gardening, running, walking, playing with the kids, sleeping, travelling – and those changes can turn into imbalances and chronic pain.
You might like to try myopractic if you have:
  •     Headaches or migraines
  •     Frozen shoulder or other shoulder pain
  •     Tennis elbow
  •     Fibromyalgia
  •     Sore back or a back injury
  •     Knee or anjle injuries
  •     Digestive problems
  •     Scoliosis or osteoporosis
  •     Leg or hip injuries

Before beginning treatment, they’ll ask you about your medical history and injuries. They’ll then conduct a postural assessment to look at what postural changes have caused your current condition – and what will be done to treat it. 

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