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How Camping Is Good for Your Health

Heading out on the open road, and pitching a tent in a serene spot surrounded by nature. There’s something very special about camping. To celebrate camping, we’ve unearthed these top reasons why camping is good for your health:

Breathe easy

Air quality tends to be better out in nature. With all those trees and few cars or buildings, you can breathe in the fresh air – and get a mighty dose of oxygen. This helps your brain make more serotonin, the feel-good hormone that improves mood, memory and even sleep and digestion!

Reset your body clock

All that blue light pinging off our digital devices is wreaking havoc on our natural body clock. Numerous studies show how screens affect our circadian rhythm, by limiting the body’s ability to produce the sleep hormone melatonin.
When we truly disconnect and switch off from the world, we’re able to find greater mental clarity – and indulge in deep sleep. In fact, one study found that campers who avoided artificial light for one week actually reset their circadian rhythms – helping them feel more energised and less sleepy.
All it takes to sleep the way nature intended is to wake up and go to bed with the sun. The way humans and other animals have done for thousands of years. Simple.

Get fitter…without trying

It’s easy to fit exercise into your day when you’re out camping. What else is there to do besides make campfires and star gaze?
Camping is the perfect time to get out into the bush to hike or bike, climb or run – or onto the water to fish or kayak.
And another bonus – you’ll likely be cooking all your meals from scratch. Skip the snacks, and you’ll find you return home healthier, with more energy, and refreshed from all that natural sleep, fresh food, sunshine and exercise!

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