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Gemstone Elixirs


Gemstone elixirs are a form of vibrational medicine that can help you to rebalance your body, mind and soul.  The best bit is that you can make them yourself!  Read on to find out more.

What is a Gemstone Elixir?

MoonstoneGemstone elixirs are similar to flower essences in that they are made so that they contain the essence of the vibrations of the gemstones used.  As the elixir is consumed over time, the vibrational essences work on the root cause of “dis-ease” so that the person can clear the issues that created it and relieve the dis-ease.

Making the Gemstone Elixir

The elixir can be made for immediate consumption or it can be preserved and used sublingually.  You can buy them readymade or you can make them yourself if you so choose.  If you are making the elixir yourself, you will need pure distilled water, and some clear glass or crystal containers that will allow the sunlight to pass through the water containing your chosen crystal.  If you are making the elixir for immediate consumption, this is all that you will need.  However, if you are going to store and use the elixirs over time, you will also need some medium sized dark bottles, some small dosage bottles, and some brandy, vegetable glycerin or apple cider vinegar to use as a preservative.  Ensure that all of your bottles are carefully washed and rinsed, and are air dried.

Lapis LazuliThe most important part of any elixir is the stone or crystal from which the essence is made.  You can choose your stone with the help of a crystal healing book, choose the stone intuitively, or use kinesiology testing.  Kinesiology testing is where you stretch out your left arm and make it stiff and strong.  Hold the stone in your other hand and have someone press down on your arm.  If the arm is hard to move downwards, the stone is good to use.  If your arm moves easily, it is the wrong choice at the time.

It is fine to use more than one stone in an elixir.  Sometimes mixing the vibrations in one elixir is easier than making a lot of separate ones and then taking them to achieve the desired result.  When making elixirs, the most important thing to remember is that the stone you are using is not water soluble and does not contain mercury, arsenic, copper or other toxic substances.  To make the elixir, place the stone/s in a clear container filled with distilled water and set the container outside in full sunlight for at least an hour.  If using straightaway, simply drink by the glassful.  If storing, add one ounce of preservative to the elixir.  Once preserved, store inside a dark bottle – this will become your stock essence.

To make a dosage bottle, fill a one ounce bottle ¾ full of distilled water and top up with preservative and add several drops of elixir from the stock bottle.  Once you have done this, shake it for several minutes.  This will set the energies of the gemstone.

Some Common Gemstones

Some common gemstones that you may choose to use in your elixir are as following.  Please be aware that this is by no means an exhaustive list and that there are many gemstones that can be used.  A crystal book or advice from a professional may be of further help to you.

Citrine• Amber – for despair
• Amethyst – for those that strongly resist interference with their freedom to make their own decisions and plans
• Black onyx – for those unable to confront their emotions, and for frustration with the slow development of events
• Citrine – harmonises the mental body with higher spiritual laws; increases access to divine truth and intelligence; amplifies qualities of concentration, centering, and rational mind
• Diamond – harmonises divine and personal will; helps to activate personal will in its highest form; strengthens the ability to act in alignment with divine purpose
• Emerald – a universal heart cleanser and balancer
• Jade – for those that need help in being realistic about their ideals; helps us stay centred in the moment with an awareness and acceptance of our own true essence
• Lapis Lazuli – amplifies the ability to hear information from physical and non-physical sources; clears confusion between hearing and knowing
• Moonstone – cleanses and circulates energy in the emotional body; increases feminine energy and intuition in women and men; for those that feel threatened by their environment; for the reckless spending of money
• Pink tourmaline – for lack of creativity through a repressed personality
• Rose quartz – for lack of self discipline; fear of responsibility; love and inner peace; opens and softens the heart; helps one to connect to and nurture the inner child; harmonises the heart forces so one is able to maintain intimacy with oneself and others
• Ruby – supports the ability to ground spiritual energy into the physical body; works with the lower chakras to awaken higher impersonal love
• Sapphire – devotion to divine purpose; helps synchronise our energy system with our higher purpose; intensifies the qualities of loyalty and responsibility to our true work on the planet.


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