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Food as medicine


Food as medicine

"Let medicine be thy food, and food be thy medicine."  Hippocrates of Cos, Greece, 460-377 B.C.  How many times have you heard this much-advertised message?  As you live through the bustle of everyday life, the significance of this rings true to many. Hippocrates was the founder and forefather of natural medicine.  He believed illness to be a natural phenomenon caused by the imbalances of their environment and health.  He believed strongly that poor lifestyle habits and food choices related to the course of illness.  

Impact of Poor Nutrition

This idea has not lost its validity as research links many illness and ailments to poor nutrition. In saying this, food can also be of benefit to you and work synergistically with your health.  Research is now showing that certain foods can provide medicinal benefits and that overall healthy eating patterns should be a priority. 

As you walk down the aisle of the supermarket, there are so many choices.  Many of these choices come in the form of processed foods.  Many of these processed and packaged foods do our body harm rather than good and certainly don’t act as medicine. 

Immune System and Good Health

Your immune system is the key to general good health. To build and maintain your immune system, you need to choose foods that assist you with this mission.  These include wholefoods such as:

  •     Fruit
  •     Vegetables, especially leafy greens;
  •     Fish such as salmon, sardines, tuna;
  •     Wholegrains such as brown rice, quinoa.

Food Related Diseases

Food and Lifestyle is the recipe to the prevention of many illness.  Diabetes, metabolic syndrome, weight gain, heart disease is just some examples of food related diseases.  Many of these can be prevented and even cured by making the right food choices.  Your food can be our friend rather than your foe, and can lead you on the journey to good health. 

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