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Computerised Energy Medicine


The energy system in the body is very subtle and is unable to be picked up by traditional medicine techniques.  Energy medicine is a specialised field and there are many different types of machines that are used in both the diagnosis and treatment of disorders, physically, emotionally, and even spiritually.  With the prevalence of computers and computer chips, many machines used in energy medicine have become computerised.  Read on to find out more about these.

Types of Computerised Energy Medicine

There are several different types of computerized energy medicine that are used for diagnosis and treatment.  They include the following:

EDS – Electrodermal Screening

EDS works by screening acupuncture points on the body’s energy meridians or pathways in order to assess the energetic health of the organs and body.  The assessments are done by measuring variations in skin characteristics as the client is energetically stimulated.  Computerised EDS screening uses digital ampoules to provide energetic stimulation.  Machines that use EDS include:

• Prognos
• BioMeridian
• Vega
• Bicom

Quantum Scanning – Matching – Body Field Scanning

This uses Space Resonance Theory.  This theory states that reality is not made up of matter but rather space, and space has different properties.  Space behaves as a spherical wave, with real particles appearing when both an inwave and an outwave interfere with each other constructively.  When it is destructive, nothing appears, or space as we traditionally know it.

When applied to a photon, objects become visible as patterns are reflected.  Photons are part of an outwave.  The eye then picks up an inwave and thus sees something in space. 

With an understanding of Space Resonance Theory, the computer generates an outwave, and then connects the data in order to pick up the corresponding inwave that is matched to existing data.

In matching, it is seen that nature finds the best answer out of all the available possibilities.  It is about emergence, ordering, and pattern forming.  It is important to note however that you can only get an answer that is as good as the question so what you are testing and the order that you are testing in are crucial. 

A machine that uses quantum scanning is NES – Nutri Energetics Systems.


Bioresonance can be applied to a wide range of technologies, in some cases evolving from EDS.  The theory behind bioresonance is that all matter has resonant frequencies, and that every cell in the body resonates at a particular frequency.  The cell groupings that make bodily systems, organs, and structures have a particular resonant frequency and pattern.  During illness, the frequency and electromagnetic field can change or distort.  The body heals and rebalances itself when it is connected to healthy frequencies.  Applying frequencies to the body can be done through water, electromagnetic fields, vibration, or light.  Devices that use bioresonance include:

• Bicom
• E-Lybra
• CoRe


Radionics is a way of sending precise healing energies to people, animals, or plants, no matter where they are.  An instrument is used to both analyse and treat physical and emotional weaknesses in a person’s energy field.  The instrument focuses the thought of the practitioner.  Once the weaknesses have been discovered, specific healing treatments are conveyed to the patient with the help of the instrument.  Devices that use radionics include:

• Quantec
• CoRe
• Mars III

Computerised Energy Medicine Machines

There are several different machines that fall under the banner of computerised energy medicine.  Some of them include:

• ENAR – the ENAR or Electro Neuro Adaptive Regulator is a handheld device that can be used by a therapist or for personal use.  The ENAR is a nerve-energy stimulator-regulator that uses SCENAR technology (the SC stands for self controlled) to encourage the body to heal itself.  It is a non invasive therapy that can help with pain relief, disability reduction, functional improvement, and the general restoration of health.  The ENAR is a smaller version of the professional SCENAR.  The ENAR and SCENAR are biofeedback devices.
• EMG – the electromyogram (EMG) measures muscle tension by placing two electrodes on the skin over the muscle that is being measured.  EMG is commonly used to promote relaxation in muscles that have tensed in response to stress.  When tension is identified, a signal is delivered by the machine, giving you continuous monitoring of your muscle activity so that you can become aware of what tension feels like.  You then use techniques to control the tension before it causes problems.  It is used to treat tension headaches, backaches, neck pain, as well as stress related illnesses such as asthma.
• GSH – galvanic skin response (GSR) measures electrical conductance in the skin, which is associated with the activity in sweat glands.  A very small electrical current is run through the skin and changes in salt and water in the sweat glands are measured.  The more emotionally aroused you are, the more active your sweat glands are, making your skin more electrically conductive.  GSR is helpful for phobias, anxiety, excessive sweating, and stuttering, and is also used in lie detection.
• Bicom – Bicom uses principles from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homoeopathy, and Quantum Physics to test and treat stresses on the body.  Bicom detects energy imbalances by taking measurements from acupuncture points on the fingers and toes, points that directly relate to different organs and systems in the body.  Specific computer programs can then re-establish the correct energy patterns using electrodes on the skin or on top of light clothing.
• Vega – with the Vega test, measurements are carried out using just the one acupuncture point.  One point is measured and samples that correspond to different organs and different disease-causing factors such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and toxins, are introduced into the circuit one by one.  A change in the readings shows what system is affected by what substance.  Remedies are then introduced until the correct ones are found to correct the energy readings.  The ones that produce the correct readings are the ones that the patient needs to get better.


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