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Chirodontics combines both chiropractic techniques and dentistry in order to help with head, neck, facial, and cranial problems.  If you are suffering from these, read on for more information on how Chirodontics may be able to help you.

The Relationship between Dental and Chiropractic

There are several different systems working in the body.  Because they are able to compensate for each other, it is often the case that difficult dental patients are easy chiropractic cases and difficult chiropractic patients are actually simple dental orthopedic cases.  By working as a team, these turn into Chirodontic cases.  Adding in nutrition as well as lifestyle changes, it is possible to achieve true health.

Biomechanics and Chirodontics

With any patient, there are three different aspects to health: biomechanical, biochemical, and electromagnetic.  In regards to Chirodontics, the biomechanical or structural component is the most important.  When the body has a good structure, the other body systems do not need to compensate for poor body mechanics.  If the biochemical or electromagnetic aspects are treated first, most of the initial treatment will be to overcome the failure to compensate for poor mechanics.

There are two primary things with biomechanics – those that come from ascending influences and body posture and those that come from descending influences and the occlusion.  Also, if you look at the basic structure of the body, there are three main zones – the head, the torso, and the pelvis.  These are connected by the cervical and lumbar spines.  Most symptoms come from the stress placed on these two areas due to compensations in the three main zones.

The three main zones are designed to stay balanced with one another.  If an area is injured, the body will shift from the correct balanced posture in order to take the stress off the injured area, thus placing stress on other parts of the body.  In Chirodontics, if you have a healthy bite, it is easier for the body to remain balanced, strong, and performing as it should.  If your bite is flawed, it can challenge many aspects of your body’s function.

What Chirodontics Does

The aim of Chirodontics is to correct the body’s structures while supporting its nutritional needs.  The cranial system is also balanced using a combination of cranial manipulation and dental orthopedics.  After this, orthodontics, prosthetics, and cosmetic dentistry are used in order to align the dental occlusion (bite) with a balanced body and cranium.  Lastly, the electromagnetic aspects are considered, using acupuncture, herbal medicine, homoeopathy, and emotional techniques in order to fully balance the person in regards to their posture and occlusion.


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