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Aura Soma

Your subconscious mind stores a wealth of information about yourself such as personal qualities, talents, values and desires. As these thoughts remain suppressed, you may often find yourself feeling malaise or unwell and unable to reach your goals no matter how you try. Some people use aura soma as a tool for discovering the self and for personal growth.

The science behind colour energy

Aura (energy field) soma (body) is the practice of gaining insight about the self and healing the self using the colour that one chooses. It is based on the principle that “you are the colours you choose”. It finds support in scientific studies on the physiological and emotional effects of colour on humans.

In particular, a study published in the British Journal of Nursing in July 1999 suggests that the energy given off by a colour passes through the thalamus which is the part of the brain that either inhibits or enhances neurotransmitters that are linked to physiological aspects of stress. These brain connectors are often responsible for regulating heart rate, muscle tension, blood pressure as well as other emotional and mental faculties of the body.

Cells communicate with each other using light energy. As the energy emitted by colour touches a cell, the cell responds by communicating the information transmitted by the colour’s energy to other cells often with physiological effects. Thus, colour is often used to heal the mind and the body.

The energy of colours

Colour is light energy vibrating at different wavelengths and frequencies. As an example, in the colour spectrum, red has the longest wavelength and slowest frequency while violet has the shortest wavelength and fastest frequency. Following the natural law of attraction that “like attracts like”, the colour (light energy) that you are attracted to is similar to your personality (life energy).

Equilibrium bottles

The aura soma practitioner is guided by equilibrium bottles, each of which contains essential oils, herbal extracts, crystal energies and some colours. Each bottle appears as a fraction with a top colour (oil content) and a bottom colour (water content). The top oil fraction is a mixture of natural colouring, lotus oil, essential oils and crystal energies while the bottom water fraction has natural colouring, herbal extracts, crystal energies and water from the Chalice Well in Glastonbury.


Aura soma starts with your choice of 4 equilibrium bottles. Using your left hand, you will shake a bottle vigorously for 5 seconds to create an emulsion which also establishes an energetic link between you and the bottle. Consultation is an insightful experience that you may use to discover underlying emotional, mental and spiritual patterns on the basis of the colours you choose. These patterns influence how you perceive the world and can dictate your behaviour. For some, a consultation is enough to help them work towards their goals or feel better about themselves. Others go further by applying the liquid from the chosen equilibrium bottle into the palm of a hand and massaging it onto the skin.

Aura soma is best used as a tool for personal growth or change. As it does not involve any invasive or internal procedure, it is safe, painless and without side effects and ideal for those who find themselves in need of personal direction when at a crossroads in life or simply to gain additional insight about themselves.

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