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Gemstones are a form of energy healing that can be used in all areas of your life.  All gemstones have magnetic powers and the power to heal.  Gemstones have specific vibrations and frequencies that affect us in a powerful way, creating energy fields that the body absorbs.  The gemstones work in an electromagnetic manner –  having the ability to send, receive and store information and healing energy, as well as strengthening our ability to heal ourselves.  Gemstones are able to amplify, store, transmute, focus and radiate high vibratory frequencies such as sound, light, colour, image, and electromagnetic waves into the chakras and energy fields not only of the body, but also the space in between; like the room or building where they are used.  Gemstones release energy blocks and bring the body’s energies into balance.

Uses for Gemstones

Gemstones can be used for many things within the body, including:

  • healing
  • stress or stress related conditions
  • pain management
  • spiritual growth
  • improving intuitive growth
  • relaxation

Many gemstones can help with pain management and physical healing. These gemstones are mainly green in colour and can help you to relieve acute or chronic pain, gain more energy, boost the immune system, strengthen weak bodily organs, calm the body after trauma or surgery, and resolve acute or chronic illnesses. Deciphering which stones are right for you is a purely individual decision, based on knowledge, feeling and intuition. 

Gemstones and Feng Shui

Feng Shui is living in harmony with nature so that the positive energies are maximised and negative energies are minimised.  Feng Shui can be used in the home and other environment to improve health, relationships, finances, and so forth.  One particularly powerful gemstone that can be used in Feng Shui is quartz crystal.  This crystal is a powerful energy activator and the energy that it gives off can be amplified by a person’s thoughts or feelings.  If you place the quartz crystal in the corner of a room, the energy will flow through the room freely.

Traditionally in Feng Shui, energy is balanced by using an element or a representative object in a specific spot.  The way that gemstones are created affects their energy. For example, stones formed by fire are associated with fire energy while metal stones have a large element of metal contained within them.  When using gemstones in Feng Shui, these stones replace the other objects.  To use the gemstones, a Lo Shu grid (Magic Square) is used.  This grid divides the home into nine sectors or directions and specific gemstones are associated with each of the sectors.  As an example, the east is concerned with the family and is represented by amber.  The west is associated with creativity and represented by malachite or azurite.  The centre of the grid is associated with andalusite or tourmaline.  More information can be gained from your Feng Shui practitioner.

Cleaning your Gemstones

It is very important to keep your gemstones clean and charged with positive energy.  To clean them you can put them in the sun or moonlight for a day or place them in a bowl of filtered water overnight before rinsing them the next day.  Sea salt is also a great cleanser and to use this method to clean your stones, simply add a cup of sea salt to two cups of spring water and soak your stones in this for a day.  Alternatively, you could bury your stones in the soil for a few days in order to re-energise them. Each process entirely depends on the energetic qualities of your chosen gemstones, some require sun, some earth and some water. Information can be sought about the nature, healing and metaphysical properties of your gemstone or crystal at the time of purchase.


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