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Essences - Flower, Bush and Shell


Do you feel out of balance or are you suffering from negative thought patterns?  Why not try essences?  Flower, bush and shell essences are a form of energy healing and can help to restore your harmony naturally and with very little effort on your part.  Find out more about them and how they can help you.

How Essences Work

Every essence, whether made from a flower, bush, or shell, has a positive vibration.  This vibration, when the right essence is used, will get rid of negative thought patterns and help restore harmony within a person.  Essences are taken orally, with a person taking a number of drops at certain times throughout the day over a period of weeks.  Some essences will work faster than others and only need to be taken once or twice a day over a period of days while some will work more slowly and need to be taken over a period of months.

Essences balance and treat the subtle energy body within a person, and they can heal both emotional and physical illnesses.  They stimulate the healing response within the body’s subtle energy system.  It is important to note that different types of essences will do different things.  Flower essences are great for emotional problems, while shell essences are good for karmic problems, and bush essences are good for a wide range of problems.

How the Essences Are Made

All essences, whether flower, bush or shell, are made up of about 75 percent water and 25 percent brandy.  The brandy is used as a preservative, so that bacteria do not contaminate the essence.  Each individual essence contains the vibrational imprint of the specific flower, bush, or shell being used.

Even today, most essences are made in the same way as Dr Bach made them.  The flower, bush or shell is placed in a bowl of distilled (pure) water and left in the sunshine for a few hours.  Once this has occurred, the material used is still fresh and the water becomes sparkling and full of little bubbles.  This is because it now contains the life force of the material that was placed within it.

Choosing the Right Essence for You

The three types of essences that we are looking at in this article are flower, bush, and shell essences.  Even within these three types of essences, each specific essence is used for a specific thing so it is a matter of reading the bottle to ensure that what you choose will work for you.  However, if you don’t get it right the first time, don’t worry.  Essences will not cause harm to the body.

Flower Essences

Flower essences are the most widely used essences and the most popular are the Bach Flower Remedies.  These can be prescribed by a practitioner or you can opt to choose a remedy for yourself.

When prescribing a flower essence, it is important that you are aware of how you are feeling and to give a name to your emotions.  This is because each remedy will treat a specific state of being and emotion.  For example, you may use willow for self pity or pine for guilt.

These remedies work on the outside layers of a person so that you can deal with the problem at hand and restore yourself to a state of balance.

Bush Essences

There are 62 bush flower essences and 16 combination essences that can be used.  These essences are great for addressing contemporary issues such as communication, sexuality, creativity, and learning skills or problems.  One of the most powerful essences is the Sturt Desert Pea which is great for resolving deep seated pain that may have occurred even years before.

Bush essences are self-adjusting essences.  This means that they will only work up to a level that you are personally comfortable with, so there is no risk of “getting in too deep” or trying to address too much too soon.

Shell Essences

Shells have been a part of our planet for over half a billion years and the calcium outer of shells correspond to the calcium components of the human body.  There are 40 shell essences, and 27 combination essences.  These essences are particularly useful for balancing the masculine and feminine energies within a person.  They can also remove energy blocks and help with emotional, relationship, karmic and genetic issues.


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