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Theta Healing Power

Theta healing is a technique that harnesses the power of brain waves, specifically the theta frequency, which is channelled to help restore physical and psychological and effect healing. It aims to access the subconscious mind, and is a holistic healing technique intended to encourage a deep state of relaxation. Any problems can be identified and resolved to restore optimum health. Theta healing is therefore based on the concept that the brain can use its own processes to heal itself or change negative behaviour. It hopes to connect with the universal energy field that is present everywhere, otherwise known as the human energy field. Theta healing aims to rid the sufferer of trauma or fears that may be holding them back. It also enables new approaches to dealing with fundamental issues that may be carried over from childhood and provide obstacles to people reaching their full potential.

What is a theta brain wave?

Theta brain waves characterise the period between sleep and waking, or the conscious and unconscious – like when we slip into deep sleep and have vivid dreams.  It is also the state we go into when we are hypnotised. Brain waves are essentially electric activity, and are able to be measured and analysed by the attachment of electrodes to the scalp.  Neurons in the brain generate brain waves, with theta waves measured in the 4-7Hz frequency range. These are  typically observed in young children, and in adults in the drowsy or waking state. The other types of brain waves are:
  • alpha -  typically associated with meditation and relaxation
  • beta - the brain in its waking state
  • delta - deep sleep state

Theta healing consultation

Theta healing is normally reached by reaching a meditative state, with the help of a qualified practitioner. This then allows the subconscious mind and the body to be interconnected, and facilitates a meditative state. Theta healing practitioners initially use a technique called muscle testing to determine your true feelings and reactions to a series of specially formulated questions. The practitioner physically monitors muscle tone, with any tensing indicating a subconscious affirmative to the question. This is intended to help patients identify what is fundamentally important to them, and helps them to access the Theta brainwave. A meditative state is then reached where one can begin to make changes to the specific aspects of ones life.

Theta healing can help...

Theta healing can help a range of conditions, including:
  • sickness and disease
  • emotional pain
  • negativity
  • relationships
Find a theta healing practitioner in your area on the pages of this site.

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