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Lomi Lomi Massage Magic


If you are yet to experience a Lomi Lomi massage allow us to introduce you to what you have been missing out on.

The magic of Lomi Lomi penetrates more than the physical body. Although its literal meaning in Hawaii (from where it originates) is to push, pull and knead, its grace and flowing strokes combined with the intent of Aloha (unconditional universal love) thrown in with some Hawaiian magic allows true surrender, balance, healing and transformation to take place. It benefits not only the physical body, but the emotional, mental and heart space too.

The History of Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi originated in Hawaii where families used to routinely massage each other to preserve good health, strong body and balance of body, mind and spirit. Through receiving regular Lomi Lomi, one was able to remain connected to spirit (Mana) and open heartedness (Aloha). The harmony between all the energies kept strong constitution and prevented dis-ease. This is in stark contrast to our western society today where some parents don't tend to touch their children in healing /sensual and loving ways. Indeed, touch has in many ways become taboo. Our experience has shown that many people drawn to learn Lomi Lomi do so specifically to massage and heal their family and extended loved ones.

In the past 10 years this ancient healing modality has reached many shores outside of Polynesia and is respected by those that teach and practice as a sacred gift.

Therapists are drawn to the sensual /loving and therapeutic aspects of this work as it enables a deeper sacred bond with the client allowing for mutual trust and then an authentic mind, body and spirit healing can occur. This sacred bond allows the massage therapist to feel what the client is feeling, making the difference between a relaxing treatment and a transformational one - with long lasting results. It puts you in touch on a deep kinesthetic level and lets you communicate with the body, restoring what needs to be restored and releasing what needs to be released. Acting as a conduit for Mana, the therapist can undertake this work for many hours if necessary, their focus, breath, presence and flow keeping them energised and effective. Working with the breath as a tool sets Lomi Lomi apart from other bodywork modalities as with the breath comes life force.

The Huna Principles

Most Hawaiian massage training incorporates HUNA (the Hawaiian philosophy of life) and many Lomi Lomi practitioners will embrace Huna in their treatments and lives.

The Seven Huna Principles

The world is what you think it is
Be aware

There are no limits
Be free

Energy flows where attention goes
Be focused

Now is the moment of power
Be here

To love is to be happy
Be happy

All power comes from within
Be confident

Effectiveness is the measure of truth
Be positive

The Differences between Lomi Lomi and Normal Massage

'What is the difference between Lomi Lomi and normal massage? (We assume normal to include remedial massage, Swedish massage and sports massage.) Like other massages it is done with oil and is on a table.

However, the difference begins with the connection made between the practitioner and the client. The practitioner opens him/herself up to universal energy/love and tunes into the client's body, energy and emotional needs. This creates a safe environment which the client immediately picks up on and the client starts to let go. With Lomi Lomi, the practitioner works with their hands as the instrument of their heart, therefore massaging with an open heart.

The Process of the Lomi Lomi

Most of the client's body is exposed, yet a sarong is used to maintain modesty. This allows for uninterrupted long flowing strokes in a continuous dance-like motion over the entire body.
The breath is used to maintain focus and energy flow. Gradually, the practitioner unpeels layers of stored tension and emotional memory through these flowing movements. This enables any blockages to be freed and for Mana (life force energy) to vibrate throughout the entire being. As a side effect of all this the heart surrenders, opens up and a feeling of connection to everyone and everything is often experienced.

The other secret behind this bodywork is that the whole body is massaged. It is a holistic treatment; meaning if you massage the neck the energy will move to the shoulders and so on. In other words the back, front, face, arms and feet all receive healing. This is always explained to the client before getting on the table.

This works in with the idea that the nervous, venous and respiratory systems are all being balanced through lymphatic drainage and toxin release, helping restore and unblock the body back into its natural state ...bringing about sheer bliss.

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