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A talisman is used to attract a particular benefit to its owner.  Talismans come in all shapes and sizes and can be used for good luck in finance, relationships, career, and so on.  The purpose of a talisman is to enable a transformation that a person would feel unable to achieve otherwise.  Once the person finds this power within themselves, they are able to better protect themselves against negative forces and create their own luck.  They are able to reach a higher frequency that allows them to let go of emotions that only hurt themselves and others.

Selecting your Talisman

Talismans are meant to provide power, energy and specific benefits to their owner and, as such, they are made at times that are spiritually or astrologically significant.  Many talismans are made from stone, metal, or parchment, as these are able to be inscribed with words or pictures to provide the owner with even more power.  Talismans may also be made from part of an animal, as they can endow the wearer with some of the animal’s qualities.

The most well known talisman is the six pointed star, which is made from two overlapping triangles.  The upward pointing triangle symbolises fire, the sky and male energy.  The downward pointing star symbolises water, the earth, and female energy.  This talisman is also known as the Star of David.  Crystals and gemstones are also used as talismans.  The best crystal or gemstone to use as your own personal talisman is one that appeals to you, whether because of its colour, texture, shape, size, astrological significance or whatever.  You should go with your gut feeling.  Hold the stone in a loose fist or in your cupped hands and try to feel the sensations coming from the stone.  Some stones will feel happy, others fun, or aggressive.  Choose a stone that fits the purpose that you wish your talisman to fulfil.

Other talismans that are commonly used or well known include:

  • The Hamsa 
  • Five metals ring
  • Tree of life
  • Scarab beetle
  • Ankh
  • Heart
  • Udjat (Eye of Horus)
  • The cross
  • Fish
  • Buddha
  • Mandalas
  • Om
  • Tibetan knot
  • Coins
  • Pendants
  • Words or phrases repeated aloud
  • Statues
  • Plants
  • Drawings 
  • Pentagrams 
  • Prayer shawls
  • Perfumes

Charging the Talisman

Once you have chosen your talisman, you will need to charge it in order to fill it with power and energy.  One way of doing this is through the dedication method.  You will need a room that will be unoccupied for several hours after performing the charging as well as a table to act as an altar.  Put your talisman on the altar, stand in front of it, and thank the universal life force for guiding and protecting you.  After this, recite a poem that you like and that is serious in nature.  You could even choose to write your own poem.  After you have recited the poem, look at the talisman for thirty seconds and then say:

 “I now empower and consecrate you to (carry out the chosen purpose of your talisman).  I give you all the powers of the universe so that you can achieve your task and I thank you for the energy, power, and comfort that you give to me.”

Once you have said this, look at the talisman for another thirty seconds before thanking it.  Then spread your arms, look towards the sky and thank the universe.  Leave the talisman on the altar for as long as possible – at least several hours.  The talisman is now ready to use.


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