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Take Back Control


There’s a lot of pressure in our lives – from bosses, to co-workers, to family and friends – even our financial situations.  Sometimes it feels like you’re living a life that you have no control over.  But take heart, it is possible to take back control and live a life that’s genuinely on your terms.

Find a Job You Love

Most of our daily life is taken up by our jobs, so why are so many of us working in a field that we don’t enjoy?  Find a job that is worth it in terms of the challenges you’re faced with, the people you work with, and doing something that you genuinely enjoy.  This may mean that you have to re-train, or re-skill but it’s worth it if it means that you’re spending your working day in a happier state of mind.

Take Control of Your Finances

Also take control of your finances.  Have a look at where your debts are – mortgages, loans, credit cards and so forth.  Once you have identified all of your debts, take steps to become debt free.  A good place to start is to pay down the debts with the highest interest rate first before paying off the loans with lower interest.  If you have to be in debt, try and be in good debt, such as having a mortgage.  Owning your own home pays off in the long run and you’ll be free of the stress of being on the rental merry-go-round.

Look After Your Health

Your health is another area that you have to look after – after all, you only have one body!  If you’ve been feeling under the weather for any reason, or even if you feel fine, take the time to get a full checkup and any necessary treatment.  Don’t ignore the symptoms.  An appropriate natural health practitioner can make you feel worlds better and ready to get on with your life.

Schedule Relaxation Time

Remember to schedule yourself some time to relax as well, and don’t let this time be interrupted!  It is important to find a quiet spot where you can clear the mind and relax the soul.  This may be through meditation, reading a book, or listening to your favourite music, for example, and this simple relaxation time will clear your mind and get rid of any lingering mental clutter.  In turn, a clear mind will help you realise the things that you really want from life – enabling you to be able to say no to the things that ultimately are of no benefit to you.

Learn to Say No

Saying no is one of the most important things that you can do.  You can’t provide everything to everyone and trying will just lead to a spiraling feeling of stress.  Saying yes to please others takes control out of your hands and places it in theirs.  It can be daunting to refuse someone but being polite and giving a short explanation as to why you can’t do it is more than enough.


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