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Scar Massage


Scarring can occur for a variety of reasons – through surgery, injury, accidents, burns and so on. Some scars are practically unnoticeable while others can stand out quite a bit, causing discomfort or even pain and potentially making the owner of the scar self conscious. If you’ve ever wished your scars were less obvious or less painful, one great option that you can turn to is scar massage. Read on for more information.

What is Scar Massage?

Scar massage is a form of scar reduction that can be used after surgery, on existing scars, on burn scars, and so on. It can be used on just about any type of scar anywhere on the body but it is important that the scar is fully healed. Never massage open wounds or wounds that have only healed superficially (on the top layer). Scar massage will generally operate on the scar itself as well as the healthy tissue that surrounds it. A variety of techniques can be used but you should always go slowly and gradually increase the pressure so as not to cause further damage.

Benefits of Scar Massage

There are several benefits to massaging your scars. Massage will help to rebuild the collagen in the skin, breaking down the overly tough fibres. New tissue growth will also be stimulated. Massage will also help to increase the sensitivity in the tissue and also reduce pain and tightness in the scar. Scar massage will also increase circulation in the area and neurological function.

From a cosmetic point of view, massage will help to improve the healing process in the scar and also help it to fade. Your scar will look better, and there will be less redness and swelling.

Who Can Use Scar Massage?

Scar massage is beneficial for all kinds of scarring, from a small laceration through to large burns. Burns can greatly affect a person’s ability to do daily activities as the scarring can cause pain when the area is used or even immobilisation. By massaging the scar, it reduces the chance of it contracting and gives the person the largest range of motion possible, making it easier for them to carry out tasks themselves. Massage will also keep your tissue softer and more flexible and reduce pain and itching.

Military personnel such as soldiers can also greatly benefit from scar massage as injuries that cause severe scarring can unfortunately happen during deployment. These injuries can cause scars that affect their physical fitness, cause pain or limited movements, look very obvious, and so on. By massaging the scars, soldiers can keep maximum fitness, allowing them to return to duty quicker.


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