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Quantum Touch


What is Quantum Touch?

Quantum Touch (QT) is a hands-on healing technique that is used to stimulate the body’s innate ability to heal itself.  By raising the energy within the body, physical and emotional states release and rebalance, with health and vitality the natural result.  Significant strides have been made with QT to reduce and/or eliminate the actual illness itself, and it has the added benefit of being safe to use alongside conventional and alternative methods of treatment. QT has also been shown to accelerate recovery times, while helping to relieve the side effects of certain treatments as well as reducing inflammation. It also boosts the body’s immune system and gives an overall sense of wellbeing, which is an invaluable tool for individuals recuperating from illness and disease.

Life Force Energy

The life force that QT draws upon is everywhere around us, and much like gravity is invisible to us, though it can be felt; typically as a vibration.   This energy or life force has been recognised by many cultures around the world; and is referred to as chi in Chinese, and prana in the Indian tradition. Other disciplines that aim to tap into it are yoga, reiki and acupuncture.  All these traditions recognise that low levels of life force, or energy vibration, are indicative of a stressed or sick individual.  Likewise high levels of energy vibration lead to a more balanced individual who is fitter and in good health. 

How Does Quantum Touch Work?

Quantum Touch utilises a combination of breathing and meditative techniques to create a strong field of energy.  This is achieved by practitioners who amplify, focus and direct the energy to effect a range of healing for a patient. Five breathing techniques, learnt in a workshop setting, are the foundation of QT - with each breath holding its own frequency.  Breathwork has also been used for centuries by many traditions and cultures to amplify life force energy.

London-based practitioner and instructor Karina Grant got involved with QT in 2005 when her father was diagnosed with MSA (Multiple System Atrophy), an extremely fast and aggressive form of Parkinson’s disease for which there is no cure.  She discovered that using the basic QT techniques resulted in a dramatic shift in his health, initially improving his posture and many of his symptoms.  After 8 months of QT treatment his consultant revised his diagnosis to a mild form of regular Parkinson’s.  She values QT for its immense healing power, but above all for its simplicity.

Learning Quantum Touch

Workshops are available for basic and advanced levels of QT, for those who would like to explore the simplicity and healing power of the discipline.  If you wanted to become a certified practitioner there are further training requirements.

Find a certified Quantum Touch practitioner on the pages of this site.



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