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Pilates for Ageing


As we get older, it is important to keep up regular exercise in order to reduce the effects of ageing and keep the body stronger for longer. Gentle yet effective exercise is needed so as not to place unnecessary stress on the joints and one of the most beneficial exercises is Pilates. Read on for more information.

Pilates is Low Stress

Pilates is an excellent form of exercise and therapy as it places very little stress on the joints, reducing the risk of injuries and wear and tear. This is because Pilates focuses on breathing and quality controlled movements rather than repetition. It also greatly improves your flexibility, making your joints and muscles more flexible and thus making everyday movements much easier. Pilates also decreases stress and tension relaxing the body both physically and mentally. It reduces the amount of joint inflammation, swelling and stiffness that you may be suffering from.

Pilates Improves Strength

One of the biggest benefits of Pilates is that it improves your core strength, which has far reaching benefits such as a better posture and a better sense of balance. The body can then better react to changes, such as being able to recover from slippages or respond better to uneven surfaces. In this way, fewer falls can occur.

Pilates also has the benefit of helping to increase your bone density which is very important as you get older so that you reduce your chances of getting osteoporosis. The strength training of Pilates also improves the muscles that wrap around your bones, allowing the muscles to better support and protect your bone structures. When you age, you tend to lose both bone and muscle mass and your metabolism slows down. Pilates can reverse this as the exercises used strengthen and tone the muscles which in turns improve your metabolism. You will also lose body fat which is important as excess fat can lead to certain health conditions.

Before Taking Up Pilates

Pilates is perfect for older people to maintain their fitness as the movements are actually designed so that they won't tire you out. However, you should always see your doctor before taking up Pilates as you will need to make sure that it is safe. The instructor will also need to know your medical history, what medications you are taking and any recommendations that your doctor makes in order to ensure that they are using exactly the right exercises for you. In this way, Pilates can be tailored to meet any physical limitations that you may have.


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