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Natural Eczema Treatments


Natural treatments for eczema are part of a general trend toward holistic solutions for health, with people increasingly aware of the side effects that often accompany conventional medication.  There is also growing scientific interest in herbal medicine and remedies, with research attempting to understand why certain plants are effective for particular conditions. 

What is Eczema?

Eczema is a skin condition characterised by inflamed, irritated red patches of skin - typically manifesting itself on the face, scalp, arms and knees.  It is believed to be triggered by a number of factors, including contact with certain substances including the chemicals found in cosmetics and household cleaning products – and is known as contact dermatitis.  Some people are more likely to experience eczema, primarily as an inherited condition, where it often appears in childhood, and is called atopic dermatitis.  Other factors that may trigger eczema in children include certain foods, with dairy and peanuts thought to contribute.

Natural Eczema Treatments

Natural therapies can be a useful complement or substitute to conventional treatment options, and are increasingly accepted by the medical profession as a legitimate form of therapy.

  • Herbal Medicine for eczema: Herbal medicine utilises plant and plant extracts to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of a wide range of ailments and conditions. This may involve use of all of the plant - or only some elements; such as the roots, stem or leaves.  Some modern medical treatments are based on traditional herbal remedies, including certain heart medications for instance. Herbal treatments for eczema are centred on reducing the irritation and swelling.

  • Homeopathy for eczema: Homeopathy involves creating a remedy from the repeated dilution of plant, mineral or animal elements in water.  These remedies are prescribed by homeopathic formula, and are specific to particular ailments and conditions. They are administered with the intention of stimulating the patient’s natural ability to cure itself.

  • Massage for eczema: Massage involves the manipulation of the muscles and tissues of the body, with the intention of relieving tension and stimulating circulation.  This has the effect of reducing stress and relaxing the client.  This may be especially helpful for conditions such as eczema, which is thought to be triggered by nervous tension in some individuals.

You can find out more about these and other natural treatments on the pages of this site.


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