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Moon Phases


Have you ever wondered how the phases of the moon affect you?  Read on to learn more.

About Astrology and Moon Phases

Astrology is all about cycles – the cycles of the planets as they move through the solar system and also the cycles of the planets as they interact with one another.  The cycle that we are most likely to notice is that of the sun and the moon, which carries out every month on average.

The natal moon (birth moon) or moon phase is determined by the relationship between the sun and the moon at the time of a person’s birth.  Two hemi-cycles make up a moon cycle – the waxing or growing hemi-cycle and the waning or shrinking hemi-cycle.  These cycles are further divided, creating eight moon types in all.

To find the moon type of a person, the angular separation between the sun and the moon first needs to be calculated.  Then it must be determined whether the sun or the moon is ahead, as this tells us if it is a waxing or waning hemi-cycle.

The Eight Moon Types

  • New Moon – the moon is in the new moon phase when it is ahead of the sun by 0-44 degrees.  This is the beginning of the cycle where everything is new and full of potential.  In a new moon personality, the person is instinctive, unconscious and subjective.  They are optimistic and are very energetic and active.  They are impulsive and spontaneous.  Self motivated, new moon people are able to set and reach their own goals.  They are action oriented more so than emotion oriented.
  • Crescent Moon – the moon is in the crescent moon phase when it is ahead of the sun by 45-89 degrees.  There are stress or action oriented aspects in this phase. The crescent moon person is more reserved and aware of the challenges in their life and what they need to do to work through them.  These people have a natural hesitancy and may find it hard to set and achieve goals. However, once a direction is set, this person can be just as optimistic as a new moon person.  Crescent moon people are more likely to break out of cultural or family patterns than other moon types.
  • First Quarter Moon – the moon is in the first quarter moon phase when it is ahead of the sun from 90-134 degrees.  First quarter moon people expect life to be a challenge, and they are self-motivated with a strong desire to succeed.  They are the types of people that have something to prove.  To this end, they are likely to be an over-achiever that may deny their emotions in order to achieve the goals they have set for themselves.  First quarter moon people are ambitious, self-motivated, instinctive, and independent, and are capable of achieving what they set their mind to.
  • Gibbous Moon – the gibbous moon phase begins at the sesquisquare and ends just before the opposition, and includes the quincunx.  These people are innately aware of their own potential, being intuitive but not impulsive.  They may be less driven than other phases but they are just as determined to achieve.  They are able to compromise and they know who is an ally and who is a threat.  Gibbous moon people have a strong sense of identity and tend to be extroverted.
  • Full Moon – the full moon phase begins at the opposition point and ends at the sesquisquare. This is where the moon is at its strongest.  People born in the full moon phase are able to balance their identity with those of people around them.  They can see both sides of an argument and are aware of their own emotional needs and ego.  While these people are highly motivated, their ability to achieve depends on their level of confidence.  Generally speaking, these people are optimistic, impatient, driven, and capable of high achievements.
  • Disseminating Moon – the disseminating moon phase occurs 225-269 ahead of the sun, or 135-90 degrees behind.  These people are likely to stop and enjoy their surroundings.  They are sociable, and like to chat to people.  Disseminating moon people will push the boundaries of convention, but they need to learn not to take their talents for granted. They are natural teachers, motivators, and spokespeople.
  • Last Quarter Moon – the last quarter moon phase occurs 270-314 degrees ahead of the sun or 90-46 behind.  Last quarter moon people have a sense of urgency, and are always working to complete things.  They are able to combine instinct with creativity, and like to be at the forefront of change while still keeping traditions.  They can be philosophers.
  • Balsamic Moon – this is the last phase of the moon cycle, with the moon 315-359 degrees ahead of the sun or 45-1 degree behind.  This person is likely to be quiet and retiring, as they are reflective and prefer to observe the world around them.  These people periodically need time out to recharge themselves and are remarkably resilient.  These people are quiet achievers.

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