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Marine Phytoplankton


Marine phytoplankton are microscopic plants and bacteria that live in the ocean and can provide an amazing amount of nutrition.  But what exactly are they?  Read on to learn more about what may be one of the ultimate superfoods. 

What is Marine Phytoplankton?

Marine phytoplankton is made up of a huge variety of single cell plants that are found in the surface upper zone of the aquatic system.  These phytoplankton have the ability to transform inorganic materials, sea water, natural warmth, sunlight, and carbon dioxide into usable vitamins, proteins, amino acids, and carbohydrates.  Marine phytoplankton is responsible for creating the majority of the world’s oxygen.

Why is Marine Phytoplankton so Beneficial?

The micronutrients and electrolytes in marine phytoplankton are the exact ones that the human cell membranes need in order to carry out their metabolism.  The composition of plasma, or the fluid that surrounds the cell membranes, is similar to that of sea water.  The nutrients contained in marine phytoplankton include:

  • omega 3 essential fatty acids (EPA and DHA)
  • protein
  • chlorophyll
  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • trace elements

Some of the specific nutrients in marine phytoplankton include the following:

  • Alanine – activates muscles and boosts the immune system
  • Arginine – is a new muscle builder, supports the immune system and detoxifies the liver
  • Aspartic acid – assists with making healthy DNA and boosts the immune system
  • Beta-carotene – defends against free radical attack, aids digestion, and helps with vision
  • Calcium – promotes stronger bones, calms nerves, and improves cholesterol levels
  • Cobalt – repairs nerve cells and helps produce red blood cells
  • Folic acid – increases mental focus and prevents anaemia
  • Gamma linoleic acid – lowers cholesterol 
  • Glycogen – boosts physical stamina
  • Histidine – enhances nutrient absorption and removes toxic metals
  • Iron – increases emotional health and physical energy, also decreases anaemia
  • Lecithin – dissolves cholesterol deposits and improves short term memory
  • Linolenic acid – combats viral infections
  • Manganese – assists joint mobility
  • Methionine – enhances memory, mood elevator, removes heavy metals
  • Nickel – promotes cellular growth and reproduction
  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids – increases cell membrane flexibility, has cholesterol dissolving properties, reduces cardiovascular diseases, relieve arthritis symptoms, skin tone improvement, reduces cardiovascular disease
  • Phosphorus – assists with healthy teeth, increases bone fracture repair
  • RNA – improves mental focus
  • Selenium – strengthens the immune system and relieves anxiety
  • Vanadium – assists in controlling blood sugar levels
  • Zinc – supports prostate health, strengthens immune system, increases memory

This is just a small sampling of the nutrients that marine phytoplankton contain and the benefits that they can have.

Why use Marine Phytoplankton?

Depending too much on land-based food sources can often lead to deficiencies in certain micronutrients and trace elements.  Using marine phytoplankton means that you can promote and maintain optimum health by boosting and supporting all of the systems in the body.  If the body is missing critical components, the body is unable to maintain the balance of its systems and malfunctions or disease result.


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