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The Power of Sacred Shapes

Mandalas have been employed in spiritual practices and created as ritual art objects for millennia.

Mandala (or energetic spiritual doorway), comes from the ancient classical Indian language Sanskrit.  It means circle, but  a mandala is far more than a simple shape.
It represents wholeness, and in its simplicity reveals the model which organizes the structure of life itself - a cosmic configuration or diagram that reminds us of our relation to the infinite.  This world, hidden deep in the unconsciousness of humanity, extends beyond our limited perspective to the outside world of infinity-to the
All that Is.

As we in the western world begin to understand what secular and Eastern religions have long embraced, we may create the potential for changing how we see ourselves, our planet, and begin to discover our own life purpose.  My mandalas are  created to assist this opening of the mind to greater potential  of self and our place in the scheme of things. 

“Since a mandala requires no allegiance to a particular belief system,
 it can be utilized in any number of ways as a visual and schematic tool. 
In secular education the mandala can be used as a skeletal pattern to
 organize information, leading students to a greater appreciation of relationships, helping them to answer the question “How is this
relevant?”  before it is even asked.”

Psychoanalyst Carl Jung brought the mandala to the West in 1928, and in 1988, Joseph Campbell wrote about mandalas in The Power of Myth.  These great thinkers and others realized that when used as a tool in personal meditation, healing, or self-realization, the mandala helps us to find the center within ourselves and
connect to the world outside:  in the words of Campbell,  “to coordinate your circle with the universal circle.”

The more we are able to recognize the pattern of the mandala, the more we are able to live our lives in harmony, connected to the world around us.

“As the foundation upon which all geometric forms are generated,
the circle also has a revered place in the continuing history of architectural design, from man’s earliest structures to today’s modern buildings.  The mandala pattern lends function and form, as well as
symmetry and grace, to places of worship, to dwellings, to tombs, even
to urban plans”

This quote is from Bailey Cunningham’s excellent book 
 Mandala,   Journey to the Centre 

A mandala, as we mentioned before is a primal pattern, is based on the circle that has existed in nature since the beginning of time.  This primal patterning can be easily understood when viewed through a kaleidoscope.  All the patterns we see within the kaleidoscope appear and disappear but are all connected.  All the pieces are eternally expanding and growing from its center, while simultaneously contracting and returning to its core.

At the centre, the geometrical point, is the potential of creation. The circle then
becomes the reflection of the center, when one places a compass on a piece of paper pivoting it around that central point to become a circle of infinite points.  It is from the circle we are able to create all shapes.  Oneness (the circle) is the principal that creates the foundation of geometry. 
The “point” of  our  very existence becomes possible through mandala creating, the geometrical configurations held within the mandala unlocking our understanding of the infinite patterns held within our cellular memory- our DNA.   When one can understand the profundity of the information contained within our cells waiting to be unlocked by the expansion of our minds,  we can  begin  to understand knowing how to unlock this
information is paramount in the understanding of our existence as humans.  We have personal and collective divine possibilities.  Only conscious awareness makes it possible to grasp our primal origins.

Throughout my life I have, to the best of my awareness and ability,  searched for the truths of life.  Only now through my use of Sacred Geometry and in the creating of my mandalas, have I begun to tap into the vastness of the possibilities
creating  mandalas has offered me.  With humility I offer to create a sacred space with my mandalas and for this workshop to allow those interested in connecting with themselves in ways made possible with the use of spiritual integrity, sacred geometry and the intent to create such a space that is conducive to individuation and the path to the Self. 
I have a basic need to express and share as I am guided with others. My work elevates me to a state of bliss and higher consciousness – universal heartspace - which begs to be shared in the most practical way.
For the past 10 years I have been developing my craft, offering my unique individually hand painted mandalas in whichever way seems most appropriate. I am always surprised at the results and how well the mandalas fit the situation of the person involved, resulting in profound and exciting life-changing transitions (the feedback from satisfied clients confirms this).  By creating a mandala for my workshops and Soul Mastery courses I create a space in which the participants can themselves create and develop their skills using sacred geometry in a safe environment conducive to their highest development.

The initial intent when creating a mandala is crucially important.  The responsibility lies with the person making the request.  I am but the “scribe,” creating on their behalf, making the connections to lost or sleeping parts lying in the unconscious waiting to be reclaimed to make this transition.

Color, in itself, is another language involved in creating mandalas. The colors chosen for the mandala are purely intuitive, allowing self-expression and release to the core of your being, of the feelings and emotions involved. Interpretation and reactions are unique to the individual.  Just as the mandala is uniquely created for the opening to transformation a mandala can offer  infinite possibilities,  enhancing your potential to create without limitation.

Helen Grant-Johnston  

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