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Yoga - Kali Ray Tri


Named after founder, yogini Kali Ray, TriYoga is made up of systems called “TriYoga Flows”. TriYoga Flows is a complete method of Hatha yoga and it is made up of three elements – posture (asana), breath (pranayama), and mudra (focus).

The Prana Vidya

The prana vidya is simply the knowledge of prana and to achieve this, TriYoga uses a trinity of pranayama, dharana (concentration), and dhyana (meditation). Pranayama balances, strengthens and increases life energy and includes breathing techniques to control the breath and expand the life force. However, it is not only limited to breathing. Prana can be increased by gaining greater awareness, and therefore changing the way that one lives their life.

Dharana, or concentration, gives the student the ability to focus their awareness on any given object. This can be done by Dharana Sakti Kriya or concentration on energy. This Sakti Kriya uses breath, sound and light to develop greater powers of concentration. It is also known as kundalini in action and is a strong tool to focus and calm the mind.

Meditation gives the student the opportunity to witness their own mind. In order to begin meditation, the student must become the witness in order to see the three functions of the mind. While in this state of witness, the consciousness expands and higher knowledge can be attained.

Benefits of TriYoga

The benefits of this form of yoga include:

  • toning muscles in all parts of the body
  • a stronger, more flexible spine
  • increased lung capacity
  • improved circulation and lymphatic flow
  • greater relaxation
  • a stronger heart
  • increased flexibility in all areas of the body
  • greater balance and coordination
  • rehabilitation and recovery from injury
  • enhanced awareness, clarity of thought and decision making ability
  • balances the emotions

TriYoga Classes

Some fundamentals in TriYoga include relaxation in action, wave-like spinal movements and economical movements. Once these fundamentals have been learnt, students can choose whether they would like to stay at the basic level or progress to more advanced levels. Students increase their knowledge of posture and flow, as well as their levels of strength, endurance, flexibility and breath control as they move through the levels. The level system starts at basic and progresses through to level 7, which is the most advanced.

Classes begin with a gradual warm up of the body before progressing into more intense strengthening and stretching poses. There is then a cooling down period which is accompanied by deep relaxation. Because of the varying levels available in TriYoga, students of all ages and fitness levels are able to practise it in a safe and therapeutic manner.

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