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Yoga - Integral


Integral yoga was created by Swami Satchidananda and it combines various forms of yoga to give the student a healthy life and peaceful mind. It is a scientific system. This form of yoga aims to transform the entire being and it puts equal emphasis on breathing control, meditation and postures. It is also used for therapeutic purposes and is well known for its use in heart disease.

Yoga Goals

Integral yoga has eight main goals and they are:

  • physical health and strength
  • controlling the senses
  • clearing, calming and disciplining the mind
  • striving for a higher level of intellect
  • strong will
  • love and compassion
  • a purer ego
  • peace and joy

Integral yoga also aims to live harmoniously with all other people as part of one universal family. To do this, students need to achieve the above goals.

Styles Used in Integral Yoga

Integral yoga uses several different forms of yoga in its teachings. Following are some of the forms used:

  • Raja Yoga – the path of concentration and meditation
  • Japa Yoga – a part of Raja yoga with japa meaning the repetition of a mantra
  • Hatha Yoga – uses postures, breath control, relaxation and cleansing practices to strengthen and cleanse both the body and mind
  • Karma Yoga – the path of selfless service
  • Bhakti Yoga – the path of devotion
  • Jnana Yoga – involves using the intellect

Integral Yoga Classes

Integral yoga classes are spiritual and guide the student to look inwards to experience the effects of the posture. In no way are the classes competitive. To calm the mind and relax the body, silence, awareness and acceptance are practised.

A typical class begins with a short chant before going in to 45 minutes of postures. This is then followed by sessions of deep relaxation, breathing exercises and silent meditation.

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