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Human Energy Field


Every person is surrounded by an invisible energy field, made up of a unique set of atoms and vibrations.  Each person’s energy field is different.  But what exactly is the human energy field?

What is the Human Energy Field?

The human energy field is always receiving energy from the universe, and this energy sustains every aspect of your existence – your body, mind and emotions.  The energy field is also commonly called the aura.  You can think of the aura as a skin that holds the inner energy bodies and the outer body together.  Chakras are like the pores in that skin, and they regulate the flow of universal energy both into and out of the body.  The physical body comes about as a result of the energy field, so a distortion or imbalance in the field will eventually result in a disease or condition in the physical body.  If you can heal these distortions or imbalances in the energy field, you can bring about healing in the physical body.

The aura surrounds the outer physical body in all directions and it extends both internally and externally.  It is electromagnetic, and reacts instantly to every thought, feeling, word, choice, and action.  The aura interacts with everything around you.  Science has been able to use instruments to measure the energy field that comes from a person’s heart.  Just from the heart, the field has been found to extend 15 feet from the body. The instruments are not sensitive enough to measure any further.  Every organ in the body has been found to have its own energy field, and scientists have found that the physical body is affected by emotions, the strength of your intent as well as the magnetic fields that the body comes into contact with.

The word “Chakra” translates to “spinning wheels of light” in Sanskrit, and the body’s chakras are rooted in a vertical power current that interconnect and interpenetrates the aura and bodies.  The chakras nourish the inner energy bodies as well as the outer physical body with essential life force energy.  This life force energy is referred to by different names such as chi, ki, prana, and manna, but despite the name, it is the same universal energy.

Reading the Human Energy Field

In the human energy field, you can see the colours of the aura.  The aura changes depending on the person’s emotions, thoughts, and physical wellbeing. The chakras show spinning wheels of colour at particular points on the body.  Energy fields also contain layers that correspond to the emotions, the mental state, and the spiritual state of each person.  Sometimes emotions and thought patterns will become trapped within the human energy field, and this can cause them great discomfort and even prevent them from moving forward in their lives.  Other things that you can see in the human energy field include past life woundings, attachments, and even entity attachments, if they are there.  These things can cause physical symptoms to manifest in the body.


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