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Homeopathy for Stress and Anxiety


Homeopathy has long been used to relieve mental and emotional disorders, including stress and anxiety.  The sharp rise in these conditions points to the stress that many people face as they adjust to the pressures of modern life.  This includes tension that is generated in the workplace, home and day to day life.  Many people feel stressed when they are given more responsibility, such as a new role at work, or the task of raising children.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathic treatments are based on infusions from plants, mineral and animal extracts.  These are normally produced in liquid, tablet or powder form and are based on the principle of like curing like. The remedies are diluted repeatedly, which is what gives them their potency. The remedies are chosen and prescribed for the symptoms they are known to cause.    They are prescribed with the intention of stimulating the body’s innate ability to heal itself.  A consultation by a homeopath will typically cover your lifestyle as well as your medical history.  They will then decide which infusion is most suited to the particular condition or ailment.  The benefits of homeopathy include:

  • Enhanced energy levels
  • Personalised diagnosis and treatment
  • Compliments the immune system; and
  • Is a holistic and natural treatment 

Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can have physical and psychological effects on an individual. Physical effects include sweating, raised heart and breathing rates; while psychological impacts include the development of phobias or fears, irritable behaviour and an inability to concentrate – many of which may be irrational.  More serious health problems that have been attributed to stress include heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and stomach disorders. There are some basic lifestyle adjustments you can make to alleviate the build up of stress, including exercising regularly, getting adequate rest/sleep and eating a balanced diet.  It is also important to be able to relax and to learn the art of relaxation.

How Can Homeopathy Help Stress and Anxiety?

Homeopathy has a huge range of remedies for practically every ailment and condition, including stress and anxiety.  The best way to investigate the benefits of homeopathy is to consult an accredited practitioner who is bound by a professional code of conduct and standards of practice. Homeopaths generally need a current first aid certificate, evidence of professional indemnity insurance as well as an interest in developing their professional development in the field.

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