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Homeopathy for Allergies


Allergy sufferers worldwide are choosing more often to compliment traditional medicines with homeopathic remedies to treat their symptoms. A professional homeopath can guide you to choose a remedy to treat your allergy symptoms as well as address any underlying causes that may be exacerbating the symptoms. Read on to find out more.

What are Allergies?

The term allergy may be used to describe the reaction produced by the body when it encounters something foreign. When an allergic reaction occurs, the body responds by producing antibodies and/or releasing specific chemicals called histamines. When released into the system, these histamines trigger an inflammatory response otherwise known as an allergic reaction. Common allergens include certain drugs, dusts, moulds, insect bites, plants and foods.

What is Homeopathy?

The principles of homeopathy are based on the premise that the large dose of a substance that produces a symptom of any particular symptom will remove that symptom when administered in very small micro-doses.

Homeopathic Relief for Allergies

The Homeopathic approach to allergies differs from that of Western medicine by exposing minimal mounts of the allergen as part of the therapy (rather than having the patient avoid the allergen altogether). This strengthens the individuals immune system, allowing it to naturally resist the allergen, weakening the body’s allergic response and consequently reducing both the severity and frequency of all allergy symptoms.

Homeopathic Remedies for Allergies

  • Allium cepa: Relieves burning, tearing eyes and burning, runny nasal passages and frequent sneezing experienced in open air.
  • Arsenicum: Relieves wheezy coughs, repetitive sneezing, loss of taste, fatigue and noses that run (yet still feel congested from allergies).
  • Euphrasia: Relieves watery nasal discharge, swollen, burning eyes and throat, daytime coughs and other allergy symptoms brought on in the open air.
  • Ferum Phosphoricum: Relieves the early stages of inflammation, runny, burning eyes, flushing and geberally slows down an allergic reaction.
  • Gelsemium: Relieves dry and swollen nose membranes, frequent sneezing, aches, chills and allergic symptoms that are often worse in the morning.
  • Natrum Muriaticum: Clears white nasal discharge and relives watery eyes, a loss of taste and dark circles from underneath the eyes.
  • Nux vomica: Relieves frequent a dry, tickling cough, sneezing, nasal discharge and chest congestion at night.
  • Pulsatilla: Relieves allergy-related nasal congestion and discharge and the itchy roofs of moHomeopathy and Allergies
  • Sabadilla: Relieves hayfever symptoms including red and watery eyes, repetitive sneezing and the internal raw sensation inside a dry nose.
  • Wyethia: Relieves itching behind the nose and on the roof of the mouth, as well as watery, burning nasal passages.

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