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Holistic Pulsing


Holistic Pulsing is a natural therapy aimed at harmonising our lives via gentle touching and rhythmic rocking.  It can therefore be considered a branch of bodywork with some features in common with massage and osteopathy.  Holistic Pulsing primary objectives are to promote relaxation, alleviates stress and tension; while enhancing energy levels and balancing mind and body.  The sensation of touch is also helpful in releasing endorphins – the feel good hormones that can greatly improve quality of life and recovery from illness. 

Holistic Pulsing grew out of an initial exposure that Israeli-born Tovi Browning had to cranial osteopathy, naturopathy and Gestalt Therapy; amongst others, which she further refined into the current discipline.  This involves a focus on pulsing and its effect on the cerebrospinal fluid of the body. She also emphasised the fact that the practitioner also benefits from the pulsing process, with energy flowing in parallel between the client and the practitioner. This is beneficial for both parties and prevents the practitioner becoming overly tired or burnt out by their work.

What is Holistic Pulsing?

Holistic Pulsing is based on the theory that rocking rhythms that mimic the foetal heartbeat – around 120--160 beats per minute – will encourage the nervous system to relax.  It also highlights the fact that the body is largely comprised of water, and that the ripples that the rocking motion creates are able to travel throughout the body. The foetal connection is also relevant here, as the womb is largely a liquid environment. This has the effect of releasing energy blockages and rebalancing the body and mind.  

Holistic Pulsing Session

Clients typically lie fully clothed on a massage table, with rhythmic rocking movements applied to create a current through your body. Other techniques used may include the use of gentle stretching, shaking and rotation of joints – as well as breathe techniques and sound.  This is a holistic process which aims to balance the mind and body, while releasing energy blockages.

Benefits of Holistic Pulsing

The gentle action of holistic pulsing has a number of benefits, including:

  • Relaxing the nervous system
  • Stimulating the body’s immune system
  • Promoting joint mobility
  • Encouraging pain relief
  • Release of emotional trauma
  • Expanding self awareness
  • Removing physical and emotional blockages; and is
  • Safe for all ages, including pregnant women 

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