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Hair Loss and Massage


Why Massage for Hair Loss?

Many different cultures throughout history have used scalp massage as an effective hair loss treatment. It keeps your hair healthy and nourished, preventing hair loss, breakage and promoting hair growth.

Types of Massage That May Promote Hair Growth

There are several massage techniques that assist in the regeneration of hair more so than others. Some of these include the:

  • Hair pulling massage
  • Indonesian Scalp massage
  • Oriental Scalp tapping massage
  • Tapping with brush
  • Aromatherapy massage

The face and neck should always be included in a scalp massage. You may perform it on yourself, have a friend do it or pay an experienced massage professional who will provide a more relaxing experience.

If you choose to do it yourself, make sure to always slide the balls of your fingertips under the hair and onto your scalp. Slowly stimulate the entire scalp by using gentle circular motions with your fingers and hands.

Hot Oil Head Massages Prevent Hair Loss

Scalp massage performed with hot hair oil is one of the best ways to nourish and strengthen the hair. The oil does so and prevents hair loss by:

  • Lubricating the scalp
  • Increasing the pliability of the scalp
  • Strengthening the hair roots and shafts
  • Replenishing dry, breakage-prone hair
  • Protecting the hair from sun damage and premature thinning.

Massage Relieves Stress That Cause Hair Loss

The physical effects of stress have been linked by science to temporary hair loss in both men and women. Massage works to prevent hair loss by alleviating these effects by:

  • Promoting feelings of deep relaxation in the body
  • Relieving muscle tension
  • Improving lymphatic drainage
  • Improving venous circulation
  • Stimulating nerve pathways
  • Stimulating the release of the body’s natural feel-good hormones, Endorphins.

Massage Improves Scalp Circulation

Massage increases circulation of blood to the scalp, which as an extremity is one of the most difficult places to which blood can flow. It does so by releasing any muscle tension that may be blocking he blood flow. The increased blood circulation provides the scalp with Oxygen and other nutrients required by the hair follicle for energy metabolism and consequent hair growth.

Massage Detoxifies the Scalp

Excess sebum and dead skin cells on the scalp may hinder hair growth and cause hair to fall out. Massage works to remove the dead cells and sebum, whilst conditioning the hair naturally with oils produced by the body.

If you are interested in trying massage for hair loss, speak to your local massage therapist.

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