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Feng Shui for Health


In Feng Shui, the health energy is the centre of all energies and thus is found in the centre of the home and the centre of all rooms, from the bedroom to the kitchen.  Yellow is the colour of health, and nine is its number.

The direction East represents health and longevity. East is a dark green colour with a Wood element.  If the East section of your home is located where the living areas are (not the sleeping areas), then use some live potted plants or wood furniture to help activate the corner.  However, be careful not to use too many plants or to have too much wood.  One or two plants that remain easily under control are all you need.   

Remove the Clutter!

One of the most important things you can do when implementing Feng Shui strategies to improve your health is to remove clutter from the home.  Clutter causes the energy in your home to become stagnant and it can become blocked and frayed, having negative effects not only on your health but on all other areas of your life.  Removing the clutter will make you feel better immediately!

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips to help you create the best Feng Shui for your health.

  • Never sleep facing a mirror.
  • Never sleep in a room that is next to the bathroom.
  • If you sleep beneath an exposed beam, try to cover it somehow.  Exposed beams may cause headaches.
  • Do not sleep in a room at the end of a long corridor or in a room that opens on to a stairway.
  • Use white, yellow or gold candles and burn them regularly.
  • Vacuum the home regularly to remove dust and dirt.
  • Windows that open on to the health area should be kept clean.
  • Use yellow or gold cushions/throws/linen in health areas.

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