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Dorn Therapy for Children


What is Dorn Therapy?

Dorn therapy is a gentle, non-invasive, holistic approach to back and hip pain. It realigns vertebraes of the spine and corrects imbalanced leg length by applying pressure to certain points on the individual’s body whilst having them make certain movements with the arms and legs. This corrects the joints, allowing for greater movement and enabling the body to reposition itself to where it is naturally meant to be.

In the session, the location of every vertebra is mapped and the length of the legs is recorded. The next step involves a hip assessment to ensure they are in their correct position (and no displacement has taken place). It is imperative to ensure the hips are properly aligned because if they are not uneven leg length may result which ultimately leads to other spinal issues. The individual is taught simple exercises in the session that s/he can practice at home to reinforce benefits from the session.

Why Children May Benefit from Dorn Therapy

Like the rest of us, children may experience stiffness in their backs, headaches and visual stress. And whilst back problems are most prevalent in the 20 – 50 age group, back problems experienced by children and teenagers are more likely to have a more serious cause and ramifications.

Common Causes May Include:

  • The Birth process
  • Trauma/ falls
  • Congenital abnormalities
  • Heavy school bags
  • Long hours at the desk at both home and school.
  • Incorrect or poor posture
  • Strain caused by playing games and sport outdoors.

Children, teenagers and even babies may all benefit from the practice of Dorn therapy. The non-invasive technique may be used to cure early age misalignments, or as a preventative measure against future back problems without any negative side effects.

How Children May Benefit From Dorn Therapy

Children may benefit from Dorn therapy as:

  • Length differences can be balanced before they create future hip and back problems.
  • There are no negative side effects from the treatment.
  • Their spines are more flexible and faster healing than adults, making for a speedier recovery with the treatment and a need for fewer sessions.
  • The negative side effects of heavy school bags and long hours at a desk can be avoided or treated in regular checkups.
  • The easy Dorn therapy exercises ensure you’re child is more likely to practice them and look after themselves.
  • The Dorn Therapy technique is basic and can easily be learned by the parent who can practice it on the children in the comfort of their own home.


The back pain experienced by children can vary greatly to that of adults and be a sign of a far more serious, underlying condition. Please seek help immediately from a medical professional should your child’s back pain be accompanied by:

  • Weakness or numbness
  • Weight loss
  • Fever
  • Bowel or bladder problems
  • Radiating pain down one or both legs
  • Walking difficulties
  • Back pain that prevents the child from sleeping.



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