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Colonic Irrigation and Weight Loss


Colonic irrigation treatment, together with a balanced diet and exercise can assist in weight loss. The treatment is designed to remove toxins, faecal matter and food residue from the colon and encourage digestive tract health and functioning. Unwanted bacteria can also collect in the colon, and need to be periodically flushed to ensure optimum health. Colonic irrigation is also often recommended for people who suffer from digestive tract ailments such as constipation, diarrhoea and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Weight loss and colonic irrigation

Weight loss is encouraged by colonic irrigation as it stimulates the lower digestive tract, though care should be taken to remain adequately hydrated, as the treatment can dehydrate the body if a number of sessions are undertaken.

Colonic irrigation treatment

Colonic irrigation involves a hollow lubricated rubber pipe being inserted via the rectum into the colon. Warm filtered, sterile water is then circulated through the system via a pressurised gravity pump. It is in fact a flushing of your colon, with anything from 25 litres to 50 litres used to facilitate this purging. The amount and pressure of the fluid is adjusted to ensure that there is no discomfort to the client, with a treatment lasting between 30 to 60 minutes. The passage of the water causes the colon to contract which forces out all the unwanted residues and matter. Herbs, prescribed for their digestive properties, are sometimes added to the water to facilitate further expulsion and later bowel movements. The therapist may also massage the stomach area to encourage relaxation and assist in the release of residue from the colon.

Colon health

The colon, or large intestine is where the digestive tract terminates, and is tasked with eliminating wastes, maintaining hydration and synthesising nutrients. The composition of your diet is thought to affect colon health and functioning. A combination of fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, apples, grapes and leafy greens, as well as grains that contain a lot of fibre are most suitable. Consumption of refined, processed foods and artificial additives are thought to impair the effective functioning of the digestive system, and are best avoided.

Colonic therapist

If you are considering colonic irrigation treatment, ensure that the practitioners is qualified and a member of a professional association. This guarantees the highest possible standards of hygiene and safety, including the cleaning and sterilization of all the necessary equipment.


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