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Cellulite is a cosmetic disorder that appears as pitting, bulging, or deformation on the skin and primarily occurs in women.  It is most common around the thigh area.  While over 90 percent of women will suffer from cellulite at some point in their life, there are some treatments that can help.

Mesotherapy and Cellulite

Mesotherapy consists of the patient getting injections into and around the site where cellulite is found.  The injections consist of natural substances such as minerals, vitamins and amino acids.  The treatment occurs once a week for several months, so it can be costly, but the results are typically excellent.

Essential Oils and Cellulite

Essential oils combined with massage can be used for treating cellulite.  Using the oils in massage or a bath can stimulate circulation and eliminate fluid retention.  An oil blend that you can use is 5 drops each of grapefruit, cypress, juniper, and clary sage, mixed with a suitable carrier oil.  Orange, lemon, lavender, or rosemary may be substituted for any of the aforementioned essential oils, as long as a mix of four essential oils is used at a ratio of 5 drops each.  The oil, once made, should be applied onto the affected area every day after showering.  The massage should be firm and stimulating, with all movements going towards the heart.  The combined effects of the oils and the massage will help to break down fatty deposits and eliminate toxins through improved circulation.

Lymphatic Drainage and Cellulite

Lymphatic drainage massage works to improve the function of the lymphatic system, which helps to remove and filter waste, toxins and excess fluid from the body.  Good lymphatic circulation in the body will prevent lymph fluid from solidifying and binding with the collagen fibres that are in the fat cells.

Nutrition and Cellulite

A diet that is high in fluid and fibre and low in fat may help to reduce cellulite as it will help to improve the elimination processes in the body and also reduce body fat levels in general.  Aim for 6 to 8 glasses of water a day.  Avoid salty food and adding salt to foods, as the salt can cause fluid retention, and this worsens the appearance of cellulite.

Vitamins, minerals, and herbs may also be helpful.  Gingko biloba can improve circulation and reduce the severity of cellulite.  Vitamin C stimulates the growth of collagen, while bioflavonoids keep the collagen in good condition as well as strengthening small blood vessels.  Acidophilus promotes healthy digestion and also the elimination of waste products that may otherwise worsen the appearance of cellulite.

While diet is helpful for managing cellulite, there is no specific diet that can prevent or cure cellulite.  The best you can do is eat healthily and drink lots of liquids.

Body Wraps and Cellulite

Body wraps tighten the skin, reduce cellulite, and eliminate toxins.  Body wraps may involve a marine type gel, Dead Sea minerals, or a clay based mask.  The body is covered in the substance before being completely bandaged or covered.  Some body wrap systems attach a machine that emits a low current to stimulate the body’s circulation and elimination even further.  The client is then left for up to 90 minutes for the wrap to work.  The bandages are then removed and the excess substance is showered off.

Endermologie and Cellulite

Endermologie uses a machine that creates a gentle vacuum on the skin.  The skin is sucked into a chamber where it is then massaged in order to encourage the breakdown of underlying fat, allowing the fat, as well as toxins and fluid, to be carried away in the blood and lymphatic systems.  Treatment takes approximately 40 minutes.

VelaSmooth and Cellulite

VelaSmooth recontours the body by smoothing out cellulite.  It uses a combination of radio frequency waves, laser, and massage, and is proven safe and effective for use in reducing cellulite.  The radio frequency helps to increase the diffusion of oxygen in the cells by heating the tissues that are responsible for cellulite.  This causes the stored energy to increase its metabolism, actually shrinking the fat.  Infrared light increases the skin’s elasticity, while also heating subcutaneous fat.  A mild vacuum and rotating electrodes mobilise the tissue to create smooth skin, and also dilates the blood vessels which improves circulation.  A typical treatment takes about 30 minutes and is non-invasive.

Topical Treatments and Cellulite

A good topical treatment or cream for cellulite will contain antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and ingredients that will stimulate blood flow.  Areas with cellulite are usually damaged and dehydrated in some way, so they need extra moisture and extra blood.  Treating the dryness and the damage will in turn reduce the appearance of the cellulite.

Exercise and Cellulite

One of the best, and most overlooked, therapies for cellulite is good, old fashioned exercise.  Walking and cycling are the two most beneficial exercises for cellulite, as they target the areas where cellulite is most likely to be found – the legs and buttocks.  Exercise also works to eliminate toxins from the body through sweating.  Fewer toxins mean less cellulite and smoother-looking skin.


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