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Can Music Help Us Heal?

Music touches all of us in some way. It’s a universal language, connecting humanity and arousing something within that can’t be explained.
So it’s no wonder that music can be used as a therapy to heal and help us overcome our troubles and struggles.

Can music help us heal?

As Barbara Else from the American Music Therapy Association told Medical News Today, “We have a such a deep connection to music because it is 'hardwired' in our brains and bodies. The elements of music - rhythm, melody, etc. - are echoed in our physiology, functioning and being."
That same article by Honor Whiteman goes on to cite several studies highlighting the health benefits of music, including 2011 research that found music boosts dopamine (the feel-good hormone) levels in the brain – and even recommended music therapy as an effective treatment for depression.

Health benefits of music therapy

Music therapy has been hailed as beneficial for a wide range of health issues. This includes:
  •     Chronic pain
  •     Anxiety
  •     Depression
  •     Fatigue
  •     Fibromyalgia
  •     Stress
  •     Lower blood pressure
  •     Manage heart rate
  •     Memory loss
  •     Dementia
  •     Brain injuries
  •     Seizures
This article delves deeper into how music therapy aids each of these conditions.
Best of all, music is accessible to everyone. Simply switch on your music device, sit back, and unwind to any tune you choose. You can also attend music therapy sessions, which focus on live music, playing instruments, writing lyrics and music, and guided meditation to music, to find relief and respite whatever you might be going through.

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