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Building Biology


Building biology is the science that looks at the relationship between a person and the buildings that they inhabit, such as the home or the workplace. It also looks at the relationship between the building and the natural environment. The aim of a building biologist is to make any given building as healthy and as harmless as possible to the people that inhabit it. When doing so, the building biologist will assess things such as the air quality, water quality, soil pollution, electromagnetic radiation, building design and the chemicals that are found in personal care and building products. Building biologists also use things such as Electrobiology, Geomancy and the Precautionary Principle. They will also clean the building of its various pollutants, and even look at the ergonomics of the building.

Buildings Affect People

There are many things within a building that can affect a person’s well being. These include:
  • Chemicals – people are exposed to a huge range of chemicals in everyday products such as toothpaste, shampoo, soap, deodorant, packaged foods and so forth. Such toxins can lead to headaches, skin rashes, sore eyes, stomach aches, memory impairment and dizziness in the short term. If the source of the irritation is not removed then more serious damage such as kidney damage, chronic bronchitis and lung damage may occur.
  • Excessive heat or cold and excessive humidity or moisture – if a building is not balanced in this regard, there can be serious effects on a person’s health such as the immune system being compromised.
  • Electromagnetic radiation – electromagnetic radiation can come from electric blankets, mobile phones, power lines, heaters, microwaves, laptop computers and electrical appliances – indeed anything that draws a strong electric current. Some effects of electromagnetic radiation include chronic fatigue, heart problems, reproductive problems, and leukaemia.
  • Indoor air pollution – in buildings, indoor air pollution can occur from a wide range of things including poor ventilation, emissions from vacuum cleaners, synthetic air fresheners, paint, varnish, gas heaters without flues, dust mites – the list goes on!
  • Mould – usually occurs where there are water leaks or high humidity and can lead to respiratory problems and even death in infants.


Electrobiology is the effect that electric fields and electromagnetic radiation have on people. It involves detecting areas of high radiation and eliminating or reducing the effect that the radiation has. Electric field and electromagnetic radiation is created whenever electric current is generated, and this is why power lines are a concern. However, laptop computers and mobile phones also generate radiation, and this is a problem as they are often in close contact with the body for long periods of time.


Geomancy refers to dowsing the earth and building biology is unique in that it considers the natural energetic fields created by the earth as well as scientific and chemistry related matters. These natural energy fields are created by geological faults (cracks in the earth) as well as natural geomagnetic lines. Water courses are also considered, as is “place memory”, which is the energy left behind by the previous occupant of the building.

Geomancy allows the building biologist to get a better idea of the relationship that the occupant shares with the site and harmonising and balancing the energy of the site is the ultimate goal.

The Precautionary Principle

The precautionary principle simply means that a building biologist will come to your building (home or workplace) and help you choose the best personal care and cleaning products, recommending the best water filters, and help to educate you on how to clean and maintain a healthy home or workplace. It is about eliminating or avoiding chemicals or radiation – the effects of which may be unknown in the long term.

Employing the precautionary principle is simple and inexpensive. It is just about being aware of the potential hazards in the building and trying to change some old habits.

Cleaning a Building

Cleaning a building can have dramatic effects. Just by cleaning more efficiently and reducing chemicals, you are already reducing the toxic load that your body has to deal with, thus improving your immune system. Your energy will be improved, as will sleep quality and you will have less or no allergies over time. There is also a reduced risk of contracting any ailments such as respiratory problems, headaches, dizziness, etc.

Other Professionals

Building biologists are able to work with all other health practitioners as the aim of building biology is to enhance the life of the client and to heal them of their ailments. These ailments are almost always caused by environmental factors, stress or genes. Building biology will reduce the toxic load on the body by removing the source of so many toxins that the body will inevitably be better able to deal with stress or genes that cause illness.

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