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6 Tips to Keep Calm at the Dentist

If you fear the dentist, you’re not alone. Around a quarter of us cite anxiety as the reason why we skip our annual check-up. But given our important dental hygiene is to overall health, seeing the dentist is a must.
So how can you keep calm at the dentist, so you can carry on with your life? Try these top tips:

1. Share your fears

When booking your appointment, let the receptionist know about your fears. They should relay this to your dentist, who can anticipate your feelings before the procedure.

2. Leave plenty of time to get there

For many of us, life is spent rushing between appointments. But that can be a recipe for anxiety. To keep calm, try to arrive early – and enjoy a calmer commute to the clinic. You could park your car nearby and walk the rest of the day, practising some mindfulness, visualisations or breathing exercises. Or do the same in the waiting room.

3. Find a dentist you like

If you’ve seen your fair share of doctors, dentists, and natural therapists, you’ll know that feeling comfortable has a lot to do with the practitioner. So find someone you click with, and who helps you feel at ease. A dentist with a sense of humour can be a godsend when you’re anxious!
Before booking in with a new dentist, visit the surgery to get a sense of the vibe. Take a tour, meet the receptionist, and even ask for a quick chat with a dentist. It can help alleviate anxiety on the spot.

4. Take a buddy

It’s OK to take someone along to your appointment. Whether they stay in the waiting room, or accompany you to the room, this can help you feel at ease. They may also have a clearer head, and remind you of any questions you wanted to ask the dentist.

5. Check-up first

Your first appointment with a dentist will most likely just be a check-up. So you don’t need to worry about the dentist bringing out a drill! Treat the check-up as a chance to connect with your dentist.

6. Tune out

Some dental surgeries have TVs and radio, so you can tune out during the procedure. But if not, take along your own tunes or podcasts to listen to. It can help you relax – and focus on something else.

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