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3 Tips to Increase Your Iron Intake


3 Tips to Increase Your Iron Intake

Iron is an essential nutrient needed for a healthy body. Regardless of that, your body is getting rid of it all the time – iron is lost through menstruation, shedding of intestinal cells and even sweating. So it is important to make sure you’re taking in enough iron to make up for this.

If you’ve been lacking energy or feeling constantly drained, you might be suffering from an iron deficiency. However, it is important that you get a blood test in order to check your iron levels before you embark on ways to boost your iron levels.

What is Iron and Why Do We Need It?

Iron is a vital component of red blood cells and is involved in the formation of the protein haemoglobin, which carries oxygen all around the body. Iron also supports your immune system. With low iron, you can be more susceptible to catching colds and other illnesses.
Not all dietary sources of iron are created equal. There are two forms of iron, one from animal products(heme) and one from plant (non-heme iron).

3 Tips to Increase Your Iron Levels
Avoid Foods that Decrease Iron Absorption

Some foods and drinks which actually block iron absorption in the digestive system, meaning that precious iron is simply excreted and wasted. An example of these are calcium and oxalic acid found in green leafy vegetables such as spinach.

Vitamin C

Although some foods can block iron absorption, there are also some foods which boost absorption when eaten along with your iron. Vitamin C is the best example so try drinking a glass of orange juice with your lunch.

Take an Iron Supplement

If you are having trouble meeting your iron requirements through your diet, you could speak to your health practitioner about the best iron supplement to take. The iron supplement could be in the form of a capsule or liquid. In order to build up your stores of iron, you may need to take these for a few months.

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