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Reiki Healing and Teaching - Natural Healing - Counselling - Emotional Healing - Hypnotherapy - Past Life Therapy - Crystal Healing - Soul Path Consultations

- Meditation - Relaxation - Stress Relief - Visualisation

- Relaxation & Meditation CD's available

- stal Meditation Cards - Spiritual Art - Relaxation and Meditation CD's - Gift Vouchers

Reiki Level One Group Training Day -18th September or Have your own personal One to One Reiki Training & Attunement - available by appointment please phone or e-mail for further details

Contact NameElizabeth Slingsby Accredited Healer/Reiki Master-Teacher
Preston PR2 3EB
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Welcome to The Peaceful Planet - The Healing & Teaching Practice Of Elizabeth Slingsby

Contrary to popular belief I feel that to be healthy is more than the absence of illness. It is a strong sense of wellbeing, and it is something that large numbers of people are searching for.

I have provided the information on my site to answer some of the questions you might wish to ask and explain how the services I offer can help you.

Reiki Healing

We are all made up of energy, and the scientists who investigate such things in depth have confirmed that what we perceive to be solid objects are in fact all vibrating energy.

It is not difficult to understand that if we harmonise the vibration of Reiki energy with the vibration of our own energy field, we can accept it and benefit from its healing and revitalising effect.

Why not allow the calming, balancing healing effect of a Reiki session to help you feel a greater sense of wellbeing, and an increased sense of focus and clarity.

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Reiki Training

If we are to survive the significant changes that are currently taking place on the planet, more Reiki Healers will be a powerful global tool for positive change in each one of us.

Where Reiki training is for a group I intentionally keep the numbers in attendance small, and my teaching methods are thorough but informal This means that if you really would like to learn about Reiki for yourself, or for others, you can feel confident that attending one of my Reiki training and attunement days will be a very positive experience for you. It also means that everyone has the opportunity to be heard and to raise any questions they need to.

My aim is to make the training and attunement experience one that has a positive and meaningful impact on you and your life, but is also an enjoyable experience that you will recall with a smile, as a happy memory.I am happy to answer any questions or deal with any concerns you may have about completing your Reiki training and attunement. If you simply want to clarify what you already understand about Reiki, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am here to help wherever I can.

You can learn about Reiki to simply use it yourself and as a personal development tool, or for your friends and family, by completing the level 1 foundation course training day. If you then decide that you wish to be a Reiki Practitioner, you have the option in due course, to complete your Reiki 2 Practitioner Level of training, and subsequently if or when you feel ready, to continue to Reiki Master Practitioner Level, and Reiki Master Teacher Level. if you plan to teach. All Master courses are on a one to one Master/Apprentice basis.

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Natural Healing

Natural Healing is a truly holistic therapy. It addresses you as a whole individual, mind body and spirit. It goes beyond what you can see and feel in the usual sense and deals with those aspects of you that you are personally aware of, but find difficult to explain.

Science has established that everything is energy in one form or another, and that is how healing works. There are of course many kinds of energy, some of which you cannot detect by your five senses. You probably just accept they exist by the results they produce. Radio waves are an example of this, as is Natural Healing.

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Emotional Healing

Healing can take place at various times in your life and if you are fortunate and are surrounded by the right kind of support and guidance this can occur by a natural process. Such healing is often needed following events that take place, or circumstances that arise, which alter the direction you are moving in.

In this type of situation or experience, whatever the initial cause, and whether that cause was recent or many years ago, if the right kind of support and guidance is not available, a good Healer can often help you find those unidentified sources of stress and anxiety that are preventing you from living a more full and happy life.

You may find yourself at a cross roads or turning point, such as the end of a relationship which was no longer viable, when the decision to end the relationship may not have been made by you. When you reach the point where you can really let go and move forward or perhaps consider entering a new relationship (even if you did not make the decision to leave the old one), it can feel like starting life anew. This can feel as if a cleansing process has taken place, washing away all the old stale energies from your system that were no longer working for you.

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Crystal Healing

When giving crystal healing I select the crystals for my clients intuitively, and on researching the precise properties of each of the crystals that I have chosen, I usually discover they are ideal for the personality and the issues of the client concerned. The crystals are often chosen before I have even met the client for the first time, and as one new client commented, when I ran through the formula I had prepared for him, 'and you worked all that out from one short phone call'.

Just like crystals the intuition of a Healer is a powerful tool, and together they can be most beneficial to those who have the opportunity to allow the crystals to gently release their healing vibration into the energy system of the person they are placed on or around.

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Workshops / Courses

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Meditation CD's

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I have not met anyone with the level of understanding that Elizabeth has and the gift to heal.

She can get to the roots of client's problems and rectify them like no-one else. My friends are few, as I prefer quality to quantity and I consider Elizabeth a diamond.

Thank you

Shirley Pilkington

I have received many Reiki and energy healing sessions from Elizabeth and have found these to be very therapeutic, relaxing and helped me in ways that no-one else could have done..

She is trully inspiring, caring, warm, friendly and has an amazing gift in healing and soul path sessions.

Jasmine Eden

I can be a little sceptical about claims made by people who profess to have helping skills, so approached Elizabeth's reiki treatment with caution.

But after my first session I was in no doubt that Elizabeth has special skills which she uses with care and compassion. I recommend her without hesitation.

Stewart Brown


Association of Professional Healers Accredited
Centra Level 2 Person Centred Counselling Certificate
Certificated Reiki Master Teacher
C & G 7307 Stage 1 Teaching Certificate
Master Teacher Member UK Reiki Federation
SNHS Past Life Therapy Diploma

Service Categories
Energy Healing, Meditation, Reiki, Spiritual Healing

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