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Natural Fertility Management

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Fertility can be an issue for many people and it can cause heartache or joy. While there are several standard medical practices that cover fertility issues, there are also several natural fertility management techniques that can be of help as well, preparing the whole body and mind to achieve a state of pregnancy. Here is some more great information.

What is Natural Fertility Management?

Natural fertility management is all about offering couples and people that are trying to become pregnant natural health care in the pre-conception, pregnancy and post-natal stages. You can opt to use the natural fertility management techniques on their own in order to try and achieve pregnancy or you can use them in conjunction with standard medical techniques such as IVF.

Natural fertility management looks after the body and tries to correct problems that can cause difficulty in becoming pregnant, but just as importantly, it looks at the mind and tries to correct issues that can affect fertility. Stress is perhaps the best example of this.

What to Expect From Natural Fertility Management Programmes?

If you have decided to go the natural fertility management route, you might be confused as to what to expect. There are plenty of practitioners out there that can help you, and while each has their own methods, there are some common threads. Both partners in the relationship will be invited to attend the first one or two sessions with the practitioner. These sessions are designed for the practitioner to get as much as information as possible about your lifestyle, your dietary habits, your state of mind, information about any known or unknown fertility problems, and so on. Tests may also be performed if the practitioner deems it necessary. The information is used by the practitioner in order to calculate and recommend the best path of action to achieve fertility and what treatments will be of benefit.

Modalities Used in Natural Fertility Management

There are several different modalities that can be helpful when used as part of a natural fertility management program. These include:

  • Charting Fertile Times - this is where the female is encouraged to chart her own cycle in order to find out when she is ovulating and at her most fertile. This can be used as a diagnostic tool and also to calculating timing techniques.
  • Lifestyle Changes - these may include things such as losing weight, adjusting sleep patterns, quitting smoking, reducing the amount of alcohol drunk and so on. This is all about creating a healthier lifestyle that is more conducive to pregnancy.
  • Dietary Changes - what you eat has a profound effect on your body and the practitioner may recommend making changes to your diet in order to improve your overall health and improve your chances of conceiving. You should eat a diet that is rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals, and eat foods that are as natural as possible. Foods rich in vitamins E and C and beta carotenes are recommended as it helps to maintain a proper ovulation cycle in women and improves sperm count and motility in men. Zinc is also helpful for men as it improves the health of sperm and also increases the sperm count.
  • Herbal Medicine - there are specific herbs that can increase fertility in both men and women. What is prescribed to you will depend on your specific situation. Herbal medicine is able to regulate the hormones in the woman’s cycle and also improve and regulate ovulation. Sperm production and health can be improved. Herbal medicine can also help to relieve stress that is caused by the struggle to become pregnant, miscarriages and so on.
  • Acupuncture - acupuncture can be used before, during and after pregnancy to improve and support fertility. It can help to improve blood flow to the uterus, calm the uterus, alleviate unwanted side effects from conventional medical treatment, and also relieve stress and tension. Acupuncture can also help to improve the male’s sperm.
  • Hypnotherapy - this treatment works on the mind in order to relieve the negative effects of trying to get pregnant such as depression, feeling out of control, unhealthy self beliefs, self destructive habits (e.g. unhealthy diet) and so on. It is about restoring a positive state of mind and helping you improve your lifestyle to increase your chances of pregnancy.
  • Homeopathy - can treat both male and female infertility. There are specific remedies for potential issues such as anxiety and stress, a low sex drive, irregular ovulation, recurrent miscarriages, and male impotence. Homeopathy is very safe to the body and if a person falls pregnant, it can also be used to support the pregnancy right through to birth and after.
  • Hydrotherapy - calms a person, stimulates the immune system and improves blood circulation. These can lead to an increased chance of pregnancy.
  • Yoga - standard yoga combined with special reproductive poses can support a person’s reproductive system and improve fertility. Yoga is also excellent stress relief, which is important as stress negatively affects pregnancy chances. The gentler forms of yoga are recommended.
  • Essential Oils - these can have a powerful effect on the body and thus can be used in fertility management. For example, rose regulates the reproductive system, basil improves reproductive health, and chamomile and Melissa help with menstrual problems. You will need to talk to an experienced practitioner in order to have the correct oils prescribed to you.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine - this is a therapy that is able to balance both the male and female reproductive systems. Special formulas are used to increase the chances of conception, increase sperm count, regulate hormones, correct menstrual problems, induce ovulation and more. Traditional Chinese Medicine is particularly effective for functional infertility.
  • Reflexology - Reflexology for fertility, or fertility reflexology, can help to improve a person’s fertility by positively directing the flow of energy where it is needed. Reflexology involves manipulating pressure points in the feet or hands in order to positively affect a corresponding area of the body. In essence, energy pathways are unblocked, allowing the energy to flow as it should. For more see Reflexology for Fertility.

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