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Optimum Health

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At Optimum Health our mission is to help you lead a pain free and healthy life with Optimum Well-Being.

Contact NameOptimum Health
AddressThe Smithyside
7 Bell Villas
NE20 6HH
Phone01661 823333
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New insights have shown that healthy toddlers and people who age with elongated spines and flexible joints hold the key to living life free of joint pain. Many people arrive in our centre suffering from back, joint and/or muscle pain either from injury or illness and we are passionate about helping to reduce that pain. By gently aligning your bones and joints and providing you with gentle processes to obtain a body that moves easily, you will be strong and free from tension and pain, throughout your lifetime. We provide assessments to find out how your pain is affecting your body and from the results an individual programme will be devised to meet your health needs.

Posture Care Program

Based on our holistic approach to health care we offer a variety of techniques to help relieve your pain. These techniques are based on your individual presentation and after in-depth assessments your programme of care will be devised. Each session is likely to change just as your body changes as it moves towards Optimum Health.

Oriental Reflexology

Reflexology is a form of therapeutic massage in TCM that is applied to the feet and/or hands. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the feet and hands reflect health conditions of various parts of the body. Reflexology massage can promote overall wellness, and relieve stress, headaches, strains, and pains. Reflexology massage is strong, but more refined than whole body massage. Patients tend to feel light and energized afterwards.

Facial Revitalisation

What can Facial Revitalisation do?
  • Revitalise the complexion, encouraging greater radiance and brighter eyes
  • Help reduce dark shadows, puffiness and drooping eyelids
  • Combat loss of facial tone and puffiness, blemishes and shadows, effective for treating sagging skin, wrinkles, and scars
  • Release the 'mask of tension' caused by stress held in the facial muscles
  • Restore a healthy facial colour and tighten the pores
  • Reinstate healthy circulation of qi and blood to dull skin areas affected by tiredness and stress, bringing a fresh, healthy glow to the complexion
  • Can help correct overly dry or greasy skin
  • Promote all-round good health
Just as with our Posture Care Program, Facial Revitalisation enhances Well-Being.
We use only Organic Aloe Vera Facial Mask and Natural Organic Cleansers.

Service Categories
Acupuncture, Massage - Deep Tissue, Massage - Remedial, Massage - Sports, Reflexology, Sports Injury Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

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