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Mayfield Road Osteopathic Practice

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Mayfield Road Osteopathic Practice approach to preventative healthcare has helped many people perform at their best and achieve their full potential.

Address70 Mayfield Road
South Croydon CR2 0BF
Phone0208 651 4071
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Welcome to Mayfield Road Osteopathic Practice

We provides a range of professional orthopaedic pillows for relief of neck pain and general spinal mangement, Pilates and yoga equipment, Biofreeze gels and Bio Freeze sprays for natural pain relief, and a range of herbal Biocare supplements for total health.

Our approach to preventative healthcare has helped many people perform at their best and achieve their full potential.

Mayfield Road Osteopathic Practice provides an excellent level of service that is prompt and efficient. The natural products provided by Osteosolutions are those recommended to patients to help their recovery, health and well being.

Our Services Include

  • Topical Pain Relief incuding Biofreeze gels and sprays pain relief

  • Natural Supplements including the Biocare range

  • Orthopaedic Pillows for spinal mangement

  • Balance boards for physiotherapy and general fitness

  • Range of pilates and yoga equipment
We endeavour to give accurate and professional advice on our osteopathic products, health supplements and topical pain relief, where requested.

About us

Osteosolutions specialises in successfully providing effective treatments and solutions for a variety of conditions.

We treat patients on a daily basis who suffer from Chronic and Acute lower back and neck pain, headaches, repetitive stress disorders, work related injuries and the effects of whiplash. Our care is unique and we provide for our patients excellent Osteopathic and Preventative healthcare solutions.


The wedge is making me sit up properly! I’m trying not to twist round too much either and my phone is closer so that I’m not reaching as much. The shoulder feels much better and I’m looking forward to France. I will send Vikki your regards. MC
I am very grateful to Khalid at Osteosolutions for helping me to get my everyday life back to normality. For many years I have suffered with my back and have dealt with it the best I can but Dec 2007 the pain became unbearable, it was so bad the pain travelled down my leg and I was diagnosed with a trapped nerve. I had physio treatment for 10 weeks, but nothing helped. My life consists of struggling out of bed and trying my very best to do a day's work. I would just get into bed at the end of the day in pain that I could not explain.

After 10 weeks my physio suggested I have surgery as all treatments were unsuccessful then a friend put Khalid forward and I have now had 5 treatments with him and my pains are not totally gone but very bearable, some days there's no pain at all. I am just so grateful I did not have to have surgery on my back. I have not had the back pain that I suffered before my treatments with Khalid they have compelety gone, the leg pains are there but I know I am on my way to recovery, after 5 treatments the results I have are unbelievable.
- MA

My experience through being a patient at Mayfield Road Osteopathic Practice, has been a life changing one. I never realised how important this treatment was for my whole body. I believe we go through life and take on everyday stress, strains and struggles and never really seek help for total release and deliverance from the above. Yes, we may have long baths, walks in the park or even holidays, however I feel these are only temporary solutions and our body needs total individual care and attention right from the roots. When I turned up at Khalid's door straight away before even being examined on the medical table, he could tell me about my digestive system, to what position (wrong position) I sleep at night.

Khalid has tremendous experience, knowledge and wisdom. He knows exactly what areas to work on and always has life changing advice. Khalid welcomes you into his surgery in a polite, caring and professional manner. From my first appointment I felt like a new person! totally transformed! Everything in my life has improved, my digestive system, my sleeping pattern, my body alignment, posture and so much more. ALL of my family, friends and colleagues have noticed the dramatic change in my life. I recommend and advise everyone to visit Khalid, so many of us spend time and money on our cars being serviced, shopping, clothes, hairdressers etc. why not treat yourself to Osteopathic treatment? Whether you have a medical condition or simply want to nurture and take care of your body. You will not be disappointed!

Call us on today to find out more or reach us through the 'Make an Enquiry' form.

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Osteopathy, Sports Injury Therapy

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