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Virginia Evans Holistic Therapist

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Contact NameVirginia Evans
Cowes PO31 8AS
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this is a Japanese face massage ,its is extremly relaxing and works on the whole body through the face in a similar way to reflexology, through accupressure points on the face .Its also a natural face lift as it improves the appearance of the skin, tones and stimulates the regeneration of the skin cells .Energy boosting, some people say feels like youve had a full body massage afterwards .

I also now am trained to give Tsuboki Japanese foot massage
A very relaxing foot treatment which has 5 different elements to it giving your feet a full treatment similar in some ways to reflexology as the pressure points used in the treatment will work on your whole body . The last part of the treatment is called the Buddhas foot prints and is a very calming and balancing end to the treatment the whole treatment is usually 45 minutes

(Lomi Lomi), This is a full body massage and energy treatment for all over mental physical and spiritual stress release and renewal.It is very different from other body massages . long graceful massage stokes flow up and down the whole body to promote deep relaxation and healing the treatment can be very gentle or firm pressure is used depending on what you require .the treatment can be from 40 minutes to to 2 hours and adapted for each clients needs .It works on all levels making it a truly holistic massage and a wonderful exsperience, some people say it is the best massage they have ever experienced .

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE is a wonderful introduction to massage, a short treatment can give very beneficial results, releasing stress and tension in the upper body neck and head region. You feel renewed and refreshed ideal for busy people. very balancing treatment .

REIKI Is a universal energy healing therapy. Not only does it relax and calm, it works with your bodies natural healing system to give balance and harmony.

Virginia is also trained in dynamic angular petrissage which is a very effective treatment for tight shoulders, elbows backs etc with reduced movement ,eases and sometimes elevates the problem in the first treatment leaving you able to move more freely. She incorporates this and any other technique's into your treatment as and when she feels its needed, adapting each treatment to suit you but also asking for your feedback to ensure you are comfortable at all times .giving you effective and relaxing treatments is her priority .
AROMATHERAPY Using essential oils, relieves stress and many physical conditions. It can be used on its own or to reinforce other massage and Reiki treatments.

APPOINTMENT on the Isle of Wight. at Calm Space And at Northcourt summer house in Bonchurch overlooking the sea appointments some Everning and weekends and mainly, daytime appointments avaiiable .

The Isle of Wight drug and alchol teams power group .

Client Testomonials

Thankyou Virginia for a truly excellent Lomi lomi massage .a wonderfully relaxing experience ,I have had massage in many parts of the world and your hawaiian massage ranks amoungst the best .
Thankyou so much Alan

Virginia's massages have totally relaxed me and relieved me of the back pain I had been suffering .Her treatments are a very wellcome escape from lives daily stresses.
Your massage has given me far greater relief than any other remedy I have tried for my chronic back pain and totally relaxed me physically and mentally .It was soothing and healing Ive sleapt better since too after only two massages .I will be coming back to keep myself pain free thankyou

my Tsuboki treatment was absolutley amazing ! feeling of welbeing my whole body felt so relaxed, your hands felt like flowing waster
just amazing

Qualifications Tsuboki face massage level 1 and 2 , Tsuboki foot massage
  • Diploma in Hawaiian massage with credit
  • Reiki second degree in natural healing
  • Reiki first degree in natural healing
  • Diploma in non medical nutrician
  • Diploma in body massage
  • Diploma in holistic therapies
(includes Reflexology ,Aromatherapy,NMT,Manual Lymth massage, Pressure points ) Diploma in Indian Head massage completed training in D A P Dynamic Angular petrissage ,upper and lover body Holistic hand and foot massage Story Massage Ear candling

Service Categories
Aromatherapy, Hawaiian Massage, Indian Head Massage, Mens Health, Reflexology, Reiki, Swedish Relaxation Massage, Womens Health

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