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Triple Moon

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Reiki Healing & Teaching, Spirit Release, Past Life Regression, Psychic Tarot Readings, Tarot Training & Spiritual Development.

Contact NameSemele Xerri
Address1 Greenmeadow Track
Newcastle Emlyn SA44 5HT
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Welcome to Triple Moon

Hi! My name is Semele and I aim to help you transform your life on every level with intuitive healing, teaching and guidance at Triple Moon. I believe that true well-being depends on a healthy and vibrant connection between your spirit and your body/mind. I call this spiritual intelligence for everyday life.

Healing - whatever you need to bring balance on all levels of being

Benefits: Balance and integrate your physical and spiritual being so your soul is free to do what you came here to do.

I am well trained to the highest professional standards in several healing modalities, including Reiki to master/teacher level, Spirit Release, and Crystal Healing. Over the years I have evolved to work intuitively from the heart, weaving together the threads I feel you need from within the full scope of my knowledge.

As a healer, I hold a safe space in which you feel empowered to take the responsibility for healing yourself. Together we can get to the root of the reason and purpose for any dis-ease you may be experiencing on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level and facilitate the completion of that process for your highest good in harmony with your soul.

Fee: £30 for half an hour, £50 an hour, £70 hour and a half.

Reiki - gently restore physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance

Benefits: Promotes deep relaxation, releases stress and anxiety, destroys energy blockages, detoxifies the system, provides new vitality, and increases the vibrational frequency of your body.

As a Reiki healer (qualified to Master/Teacher level) I channel universal life force energy (ki) through my hands to restore harmony to your body, mind and spirit where vital energy has become unbalanced. During a treatment you can sit or lie on the couch, fully clothed, while I touch the body lightly or place my hands above you in the auric field as you naturally draw the energy you need. In this way, you play an active and responsible role in the healing process.

I also teach and attune Reiki students, usually one-to-one or sometimes in small groups.

Fee: £30 for half an hour, £50 an hour.

Spirit Release - remove interference and express your full potential

Benefits: Helps you to resolve deep-seated issues, integrate your personality and restore a healthy connection between spirit, body and mind.

Spirit release is a powerful therapy that encompasses many different techniques and addresses all issues of mind, body and spirit. Working as a facilitator with you, I use relaxation and visualisation to gently remove anything that is interfering with your spirit's free expression (which could be anything from spirit or entity attachment, emotional or physical trauma, through to disturbing memories or negative belief systems).

Then we work together to restore your spirit to wholeness and health according to your individual needs. This may include, for example, inner child work, sub-personality integration, or soul retrieval.

I am an approved spirit release practitioner with the Spirit Release Forum and Spirit Release Foundation.

Fee: £70 for an hour and a half.

Past Life Healing - clear unresolved issues from the past

Benefits: Helps you to understand and resolve irrational fears, unexplained phobias and illnesses, and move forward in your life.

If you’ve ever had an irrational fear of something or felt strangely drawn to a person or a place, it’s likely that past life experiences are affecting you. As eternal souls we often carry over physical and emotional wounds from past lives into our current incarnations. This can manifest as physical illnesses, phobias and destructive emotional patterns among other things.

A past life regression can identify the unresolved issues that are holding you back in your current lifetime, and heal them so that you can move forward. I guide you safely through relaxation, visualisation and questioning to make the journey to the Akashic library yourself. You remain in control throughout.

Although it is beneficial and enjoyable for you to visit me, regressions work just as well over the phone if that is not possible.

Fee: £70 for an hour and a half.

Psychic Tarot Readings - gain insight and guidance for your future

Benefits: Help to clarify your current situation, ease confusion and fear, understand your strengths and weaknesses, and choose the most beneficial options for your future.

I give psychic Tarot readings using my intuition while linking to my guides and the world of spirit. You are always in charge of your own future, but the cards are wonderful for exploring the options open to you and for uncovering possibilities you didn’t even know were there.

Ask specific questions, focus on a particular area of your life or leave it to the universe to decide what you need to know. My role as a reader is to guide and empower you so that you can develop and grow into the full potential of the unique, special and divine being you are.

I am an endorsed reader for the Tarot Association of the British Isles and can read face to face, over the phone or by email.

Fee: £30 for half an hour, £50 an hour.

Other Services

I also offer workshops and courses in Tarot and spiritual development, as well as email and at home courses. Please visit my website for details.

Certified Reiki Master/Teacher (UK Reiki Federation)
Certified practictioner of Crystal Therapy (Institute of Crystal and Gem Therapists (ICGT))
Endorsed Reader for the Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI)
BSY Diploma in Curative Hypnotherapy
Approved practitioner with the Spirit Release Foundation (SRF)
Member and approved practitioner with the Spirit Release Forum

Service Categories
Crystal Therapy, Reiki, Spiritual Healing

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