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Discover the joy of relaxation, energy and movement...

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Contact NameJulie Fox
AddressSerenity Lodge, Lower Lakes
Straight Drove
Chilton Trinity
Bridgwater TA5 2BQ
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I offer therapies designed to rejuvenate the mind and body, and bring a greater sense of well-being by improving relaxation and mobility, reducing stress and tension, alleviating long-term complaints, and diminishing the chances of future illness.

Specialist Pregnancy Massage
Offered as a back massage or full body massage, you are offered this treatment on a wonderfully comfortable mat, providing the space to move around easily to access the areas in greatest need, without the concern of falling or struggling to turn over. Massage is given with the client lying on either side avoid pressure on the abdomen. A reduced blend of a non-nut base oil with Mandarin essential oil is used to help nourish the skin and assist in preventing stretch marks. Each massage is catered to your needs on the day, be it shoulder work, lower back release, relief from water retention or just gentle relaxation. You're here to be pampared at the time you need it most.

Holistic & Remedial Massage

Massage can be relaxing and soothing, proving to be an effective aid against stress, depression and insomnia; un-knotting tense muscles, relieving headaches and helping the body and mind relax into restful sleep. However, massage can also be invigorating; improving muscle tone, the functions of the body's systems and organs, reducing water retention and stimulating the immune system to fight off illness and infection.
Deeper Remedial Massage can assist the body in the healing process following an injury or for long term problems (for example, chronic backache or reduced joint mobility). By reducing knotting in the muscles and stretching the ligaments, the blood flow to the problem area can be improved to bring about healing in the inflamed tissues. My aim is to improve mobility and relieve or reduce discomfort and make you feel whole again.

Indian Head Massage

This can be a relaxing and invigorating treat for the head, neck and shoulders. An excellent aid for stress and tension, which also improves hair and scalp condition, stimulates hair growth (very effective for stress related alopecia) and helps to tone the muscles of the head and upper torso. Indian Head Massage is a great tool for those in office based employment. As well as relaxing the mind it can 'reboot' the brain, giving a boost to mental processes and energy; a great lunchtime therapy!

Aroma-Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A very light and gentle massage, Lymphatic Drainage Massage uses techniques to improve the lymphatic system alongside and specially created blend of essential oils to support the process after your treatment; reducing water retention and boosting the immune system. This has shown itself to be beneficial in long-term muscular / nervous disorders such as fibromyalgia, reducing discomfort and detoxifying the muscles, making mobility and mental function much easier.


Aromatherapy combines the deeply relaxing effects of body massage with the therapeutic effects of essential plant oils. Each appointment includes a consultation to establish exactly which oils will benefit you at that moments to gift maximum effect. The massage is gentle,to relax the body and mind, and work the oils into the skin as it is the oils that do most of the work here. The essential oils can be used to address many different physical, mental and emotional problems, continuing to work for 2-3 hours after the massage has finished with the effects lasting for days!

This isn't just a treatment for ladies either. Although there are many quite feminine oils there are also some very masculine oils and, when blended, the scents and effects can be very different to that created by each individual oil.


Reflexology is a method of foot massage to activate the healing powers of the body through manipulation of pressure points in the foot. Based on the knowledge of Acupressure, it works on reflex areas in the foot that are found to directly correspond to areas and organs of the body. Using pinpoint massage techniques, a problem area of the body can be treated which may not otherwise be accessed directly. It is also possible to pick up potential and underlying problems, acting as an early warning for anything which may need further attention.

Reflexology aims to help to reduce stress and depression, improve circulation, cleanse and revitalise the body and balance the each bodily system. Through stimulation of the immune system, it can also be useful in preventing illness.

In additional to the reflexology techniques, your feet are pampered with gentle exfoliation and a finishing massage using a rich, creamy repair lotion specifically created for the feet, leaving the most neglected part of your body looking, smelling and feeling fabulous!


Reiki harnesses the universal energy which is all around us, channelled through the therapist and released through their hands to the client, to promote healing and relaxation. Reiki can be relaxing and uplifting, giving the body a boost of energy in order to heal and rebalance itself. It is possible to pick up on areas in the physical body where there are blockages and inflammations, as well as tension and stress in mental and emotional conditions. Reiki works on mental and physical levels, giving the body and mind a chance to rest so that healing can come in.

I have found that combining massage and Reiki in a treatment gives a more deeply relaxing treatment than each alone can, proving an extremely beneficial aid against stress and tension. By initially relaxing the body with massage, you become more open for the healing to come through. A real treat at the end of a working week!

Products used

I use natural, and where possible, organic plant oils during my treatments.These natural oils and balms are easily absorbed by the skin and offer the benefits of vitamins and nutrients required by the body. The essential oils used are chosen for their unique qualities relating to the clients needs at the time of their treatment, giving a more effective result which will continue to work for up to 3 hours following the treatment. 

Gift vouchers are also available to pamper someone special. These can be purchased directly from my website or in person.

Please call or email for more information or an informal, no obligation, chat

Quote Natural Therapy Pages when booking or enter "ntp5" at the checkout if buying online and get £5 off your first treatment!

BTEC National Diploma Beauty Therapy VTCT cert Remedial Massage (incl. Lymphatic Drainage Massage) ITEC cert Aromatherapy VTCT cert Reflexology Reiki I, II & Master degrees APNT Diploma in Pregnancy Massage Instructors cert Infant Massage VTCT cert Indian Head Massage cert Hot Stones UIUK cert CranioSacral Therapy 1 cert RLD (Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage) cert Conception and Maternity Reflexology

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