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‘In both Zen and shiatsu we are dealing with something that cannot be explained rationally
but that should be experienced by the living body’
Shizuto Masunaga: Zen Shiatsu

Contact NameSheila Taylor
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About Us
For many years I have worked as a free lance violinist and violin teacher. When our children were young I became interested in natural health. I attended workshops in kinesiology, and took an A level in Human Biology.

I first received shiatsu from friends who were studying to become practitioners, and was amazed how different I felt afterwards. I took the opportunity to take the three year Shiatsu College practitioner training course, graduating in 2009.

Since then I have completed the Post Graduate year, leading to Membership of the Register of the Shiatsu Society (MRSS).

In July 2010 I attended a four day workshop given by Carola Beresford-Cooke, called ‘A Trip Around the Body’, and in October 2010 took a five week elearning course ‘How to Build and Maintain a Successful Practice’, with Cliff Andrews and Dinah John. In June 2011 I completed a further elearning course on using Clean Language with Nick Pole and Cliff Andrews.

I love practicing Wild Goose Qi Gong, which my friend Sheila Waddington teaches at Seven Stars Wild Goose Qi Gong. Her teacher Dr Bingkun Hu, a medical Qi Gong master, visits the UK each summer, and is inspirational. He learned from an inheritor of the Kunlun School Daoist tradition. holder, Yang Mei Jun.

Also the work and teaching of Eugene Halliday has influenced me deeply. He worked for ‘promotion and propagation of the principles of Truth in all religions … a true spirit of ecumenism’. (www.eugenehaliday

About Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a form of Japanese bodywork, with its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In today’s busy world your relationship with your body and emotions can be overwhelmed by the pressure of day to day life, until discomfort makes it too difficult to ignore.

Shiatsu is a deeply comforting and relaxing experience, that allows your vital energy to flow more freely, and calms your mind and emotions. Your body is reminded what it feels like to be well. Hand and finger pressure and sensitive joint rotations and stretches are used to contact and release your vital energy. Shiatsu combines healing touch, awareness of the profound links between spirit, mind, emotions and body, and love (‘work to develop life’s potential in all beings’ – Eugene Halliday).

An ancient Chinese medical text states: ‘The highest level of healing is helping a person to fulfil their purpose, and giving nourishment to their true nature.’
This is a lofty aim, but it is always in my mind when giving shiatsu.

A shiatsu session normally lasts 1 hour. Each session is unique to your needs. Shiatsu is received on a floor mat, through loose comfortable clothing. It can be adapted and received on a chair if you have mobility problems.

“It's putting me in touch with my body”
“I feel much better – calmer”
“It always invigorates me”
“My shoulders feel much more relaxed”
“I didn't want it to end”
“I'm floating out of the door again”


Sheila Taylor MRSS, graduate of the Shiatsu College three year Practitioner Training Course (

Fully insured member of the Shiatsu Society (

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