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Christine's Reflexology & Reiki

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Located Just Off the Gransha Road Roundabout (Beside Bloomfield Shopping Centre) Bangor, Co Down.

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Contact NameChristine's Reflexology & Reiki
Address Regency Park

Bangor BT19 6WX
Mobile0753 44 222 31
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Welcome to Christine's Reflexology & Reiki

Clients advise that after their Reflexology or Reiki treatment they feel more relaxed, have more energy, sleep better, joints and muscles are no longer stiff, concentration and motivation have improved and they look forward to their next treatment. If you would like to receive a combination of both Reflexology and Reiki during your treatment we can tailor this to suit your treatment plan. Or if time is limited you can receive 15min, 30min or 45min treatments but for a truely relaxing experience a full treatment is recommended.


Reflexology (a form of accupressure) treats disorders and illnesses on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. If you arrive for a treatment and have a list of symptoms that you'd like treated, Reflexology doesn't just treat the area affected but the whole body. I.e. If you have a headache this can be treated at the source of the pain but also if it is being caused by an allergy, digestive problems or stress. Painkillers only temporarily block the pain whereas reflexology encourages the body to heal itself by stimulating the 7000 nerve endings on the feet using special pressure techniques. These nerve endings stimulate the endocrine system (glands which control our immune system) and our organs into working more efficiently.

Reflexology Treatment: £30.00 (FREE Health Consultation with First Treatment)

Treatments can be carried out in the comfort of your own home or within our tranquil, spacious and private treatment room which overlooks mature trees and shrubs.


The Japanese art of Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) involves the laying on of hands on or just above energy centres along the spine (known as chakras) to remove emotional blockages and balance energy. Each chakra connects to a certain gland and part of the body. It works on the principle that when we are feeling low, stressed, eating unhealthily, not exercising, emotionally unhappy, etc., these chakras work less efficiently and we then feel ill. Reiki enables the body to alleviate emotional and physical pain, revitalises and detoxifies the body and speeds up the healing process. After a treatment you will feel emotionally calm and stronger, have more energy, feel more confident and focused and very relaxed. Some clients fall asleep during the treatment.

During a treatment you are asked to take off your shoes and lie on a salon couch. A blanket can be placed over you while the therapist works from the back of the head, resting her hands gently on or just above each area and finally ending on the feet. You may feel heat coming from the therapist's hands during the treatment, tingling in the body or your tummy may gurgle. This is just a sign that your body's energy is balancing itself. Some people dream during the treatment or see beautiful colours. It's a very pleasant experience. Most clients prefer to relax completely and say nothing during a treatment but if you feel uncomfortable or want to ask a question you are encouraged to let your therapist know.

Reiki Treatment: £30.00 (Plus FREE Health Consultation with First Treatment)

Mobile Service Available to your home or business

Reflexology/Reiki Client who was in a bad car accident which left her with a painful lower back and no feeling to her upper legs: I was waiting on a course of physiotherapy but decided to give this a go in the meantime. I noticed that the pain became less so after the first treatment and by the third I'd no pain at all and more feeling in my legs. Amazing! I've also had hayfever for 33 years and haven't had it since I started this course of treatments. Thanks Chrissy.

Reiki Client who has been in constant pain since having shingles, is on morphine for the pain and falls asleep throughout the day: Just had to let you know that I have had 3 or 4 days relief from my illness since the treatment. I had a lot of energy afterwards and was able to stay awake for the rest of the evening and went to bed at midnight! The treatment has definitely had an effect and I've been raving to my friends and family about it. The hospital tried to wean me off morphine before but I was unable to use my arm and they had to put me back on it again. They should put Reiki on the NHS! Thank you.

Pregnant friend who had a difficult labour with her first child, received a weekly Reflexology treatment every week for 9 weeks: Went into labour at 6pm on the day after my treatment. I found it easier to cope with the pain and as I don't like hospitals, felt able to go home on the same day! Baby is happy, content, sleeping and feeding well too.

March 2004: Anatomy and Physiology Diploma via the Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology

5 October 2004 - Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology via the Association of Reflexologists.

28th November 2005 - First Degree Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki via Ciaran Corr, Newry.

8th March 2006 - Second Degree Reiki.

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