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Rebound Lower Limb Injuries Clinic

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The Rebound Clinic specialises in the diagnosis and correction of bio-mechanical dysfunction conditions, chronic and long-term injuries of the leg and foot.

AddressUnit 3a The Sidings
Settle BD24 9RP
Phone01729 825900
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Using the latest movement analysis technology and treatment techniques, we are at the forefront of podiatric therapy. We produce our own orthotics in our own workshop facilities.

Chronic biomechanical dysfunction injuries occur when there is excessive movement between joints and/or soft tissue structure. Because these injuries are motion based, it makes sense that only precise observation of a person's individual movement action (their gait) will provide the accurate information required to effectively correct and treat their condition.

What we do
  • We help people who (typically) have long standing/persistent walking, sporting and/or movement related injuries.

  • We specialise in all foot and leg problems.

  • We video patient's movements to assist in accurate diagnosis.

  • We analyse video and examination data to anable precise treatment.

  • We take impressions of patient's feet to create casts if required.

  • We produce individually designed corrective footwear inserts in our on-site workshop.

  • We specifically fit and test all our orthotics to ensure maximum comfort and performance.

Before - pronated feet

After fitting of corrective orthoses

The overwhelming majority of our patients find our treatments completely successful, due to the step by step method of treatment that we adopt (see the flow chart below). To find out exactly how successful, see our testimonial pages. For a listing of the types of conditions that we treat, see our medical page.

Medical details:

Chronic Biomechanical dysfunction injuries of the lower limb.
The hidden epidemic.

Chronic injuries of the foot and lower limb are extremely common, and biomechanical dysfunction is one of the major causative factors. Understanding within the different medical professions about biomechanics is, however, limited and some quite straightforward conditions are sometimes misdiagnosed and therefore inappropriately treated. This can lead to a protracted injury situation and the subsequent misconception that these conditions are complicated and difficult to resolve. Using biomechanics and podiatric corrective techniques the cause can be isolated and effectively treated, resolving the specific injury.

Common conditions:
  1. Lower Back Pain (Scaroiliitis)
  2. Hip Pain
  3. Chronic Groin Injury
  4. Trachonteric Bursitis
  5. Iliotibial Band Syndrome
  6. Medial, Anterior & Lateral Knee Pain
  7. Chrondromalacia Patellae
  8. Osgood Schlatters Syndrome
  9. Deep Calf Pain
  10. Shin Splints
  11. Chronic Ankle Pain (medial & lateral)
  12. Chronic Achilles Tendonitis
  13. Mid-foot Pain
  14. Plantarfaciitis
  15. Metatarsalgia

You may already be familiar with one or more of the above conditions, and may have encountered difficulty in completely resolving some of these injuries. This is usually due to the underlying biomechanical causes not being adressed, and only the syptoms being treated. This will often result in the return of the symptoms with the resumption of the activity.

To see some case studies showing how successful we typically are in treating these conditions, see our testimonial pages.


Podiatry is the assessment, diagnosis and management of foot and lower limb related problems. Podiatry is not yet as well known in the UK as in the USA, where Americans typically consult their podiatrist. So much so that a visit to a podiatrist is almost as common as a visit to the dentist.

Rebound's Logical Step by Step Approach to Treatment:

BSc(Hon)PodM, MChS, SRCh Health Professionals Council (HPC) Number CH13545

Service Categories
Podiatrists, Sports Injury Therapy

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