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Vital energy for life in the wireless world

Contact NameSamantha Swift
AddressStoke Gabriel
Totnes TQ9 6RE
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Welcome to phi.

Our mission is energy excellence. We are innovators and we are passionate about creating and maintaining energetic integrity in the human energy field. We live with very high levels of energy interference from the constant exposure to technology, and it is estimated that we are living with 10 billion times more high frequency radiation than it did in the Sixties. We are bringing energyDOTs to a wide audience for the best possible reasons: to create and maintain energetic integrity. This in turn supports physical health.

We are particularly concerned with the children and young people of the world. We live in a sea of electro-pollution and our children are growing up immersed in this toxic environment. They are thought to be more vulnerable to the effects of electro-pollution and they have a longer life time of exposure. It is vital to limit harm from the electromagnetic radiation which now envelopes us.

energy excellence

EnergyDOTs empower you to retune and revive your energy; a simple, natural way to improve your vitality.

There is great satisfaction in bringing new resonant technologies to the world with their positive impact on human and ecological health and harmony. Phi harmonics is not only a business, it is a synthesis of healing and intuitive skills from ancient traditions with the language and concepts of cutting edge physics. We believe that vibrational energy healing can play a profound part in supporting a healthy lifestyle.

We hold the view that the effect of electro-pollution on human health and the stability of the planet is extremely serious and requires immediate action.

Phi has been called nature’s blueprint for life and it is the functioning technology behind energyDOT harmonisers. Click here to learn how energyDOTs work.

Phi energyDOTs - the Practitioners Choice

EnergyDOTs are already used by all types of complimentary health practitioners and tutors; chiropractors, osteopaths, kinesiologists, homeopaths, nutritionists and naturopaths. In fact, any practitioner who assesses the bodies energetic system as a priority will benefit from using energyDOTs as an EMF diagnostic and corrective tool.

Positive energetic health is critical for overall optimal physical health and energyDOTs assist in maintaining a balanced healthy biofield.

Practitioners can test energyDOTs with their clients using their preferred techniques, primarily muscle testing and they have remarked that energyDOTs are a ‘gold standard’ product and produce excellent testing results in 95% of clients.

Phi are offering all practitioners and tutors a sample of our ‘Starter Pack’ which includes a bioDOT and smartDOT sample.

The bioDOT is used to test whether a client has imbalances or sensitivities resulting from EMF stress caused my mobile phones, wifi etc and is then worn for continued protection, supporting the biofield and making it more resilient to EMF stressors.

Benefits of the smartDOT can be demonstrated to clients using a mobile phone. Simply place the phone with and without a smartDOT next to the device against the clients solar plexus and muscle test. See the positive results instantly. Attach the smartDOT to the device and experience immediate relief.

If you are a practitioner or tutor and would like to receive a Starter Pack free of charge then please contact Sam Swift on 07863 607896 or email [email protected]. We also offer training packs for students, please ask for more details about this offer.

For more information about energyDOTs, how they work, or to view/download research please visit the website

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