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Optimal Wellbeing

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Optimal-Wellbeing provides the finest quality nutrition & food supplements, to achieve and maintain optimal health, by identifying and treating the cause, not the symptoms. Take a proactive approach to achieving optimal health, preparing your body for life with daily nutrition, resulting in the absence of ailments and disease, while providing you the energy & vitality to enjoy the activities you love!

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  • Do you live a stressful lifestyle?

  • Would you like to increase your energy and stamina levels?

  • Does your body suffer from areas of weakness or pain?

  • Do you suffer sugar or fat cravings, or poor eating habits?

  • Are your concentration levels and memory functioning at their optimal?

  • Are you getting your daily requirements of vitamins, minerals, and 5-a-day?

If you're seeking to achieve optimal health & wellbeing, then you're in the right place! My company helps people improve their quality of life by providing the finest supplements available and providing the expertise necessary to help you make an informed decision to use the right products for you, essentially, ‘Preparing your body for life’!

What do we do?

Optimal-Wellbeing seeks to promote a Habit of Health... We all strive to take care of the way we look on the outside, but all too often many of us neglect the condition our body may be in on the inside. With today’s foods lacking the essential Vitamins and Minerals due to the over-farming of land, extensive use of pesticides, herbicides and other such toxins, busier lifestyles giving rise to convenience foods and eating out, and many other reasons, it is little wonder that people are turning to alternative solutions to achieve optimal health.

Why is Daily Nutrition so important?

We all need daily nutrition. Compared to our ancestors, our diets and lifestyle have changed considerably, and collectively these changes have had a negative effect on the quality of our health. Generally our diets consist of too much refined and processed foods, high sugar, salt and bad fats. Even ‘good food’ may lack nutrients resulting from intensive farming practices*, manufacturing methods and storage processes. For example, when flour is refined folic acid, copper, iron, magnesium, calcium, chromium and manganese are lost in the manufacturing process.

*As long ago as 1992 the “Earth Summit Report” revealed a potential loss of 72% of the mineral content in the soils of Europe in the last 100 years.

How can Optimal-Wellbeing help?

Optimal-Wellbeing offers the opportunity to prepare your body for life, by habitually maintaining your optimal health with essential daily nutrition! As well as the absence of disease, you can have a zest for life and the energy and vitality to enjoy the activities you love!

Why should we identify the weaknesses in our body?

The body comprises of several inter-related and inter-dependant components, which together create the whole. It is imperative that all the components are functioning at their best, to achieve optimal health. Conducting a Lifestyle Analysis enables any weaknesses to be identified and strengthened to prevent sub-optimal health and disease.

Prevention is better than cure...strengthening the body to its’ optimal health reduces the body’s need to detoxify through generating ‘symptoms’...symptoms are generated by the immune system trying to recover from weaknesses within the body...treat the cause and not the symptoms!

How can Optimal-Wellbeing help?

Optimal-Wellbeing offers the opportunity to identify the weaknesses within your key body systems, such as your Digestive, Intestinal, Circulatory, Structural systems, which may be adversely impacting your overall health, and the associated pure, natural, organic, top quality herbs, vitamins and minerals to support these weakened systems.

Optimal-Wellbeing: Our Products

Our products are formulated by Nature’s Sunshine, the world's largest manufacturer of encapsulated herbs, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

Nature’s Sunshine manufactures our products to the highest standards using the finest natural and organically sourced ingredients.

In addition Nature’s Sunshine are world leaders in combining natural ingredients to achieve the best synergistic effects and optimal results.

Unlike many other companies Nature’s Sunshine does not use synthetic ingredients, herbs that have been sprayed with pesticides or artificial flavours and additives. Using the most sophisticated manufacturing facilities in the world, Nature’s Sunshine manufacture to pharmaceutical standards, guaranteeing the potency, efficacy and purity of our products. Our quality products provide you with quality results.

Try our health test called the Lifestyle Analysis to determine which of your body systems are stronger, which are weaker and which products are best suited to help you both achieve optimal health while supporting those weaker systems.

Thank you once again for visiting our site - We hope you will experience the benefits of the habit of health and become a regular visitor!


Health Specialist - A Systematic Approach to Natural Health. (June 2009)

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