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Nurturing Holistic Therapies

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Would you like to be PAMPERED? Are you feeling STRESSED? Do you want to improve your health? All my Holistic Therapy treatments are tailored specifically for you. If this resonates with you then read on..... 07921 555 400

Contact NameMaurita Harling MICHT
Clitheroe BB7 9LW
Phone01254 823780
Mobile07921 555 400
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Welcome to

Nurturing Holistic Therapies

As a highly experienced and qualified Holistic Therapist, maintaining your health and well-being is my prime goal. I use a truly HOLISTIC methodology and an intuitive and guided approach to the therapies which I deliver.

Relax in the comfort of my Therapeutic Space... from which you will emerge after your treatment, refreshed, replenished and balanced in Mind, Body and Spirit. 

Give me a ring and we can discuss what would be best for you (see testimonials).

I also offer ........GIFT VOUCHERS to provide the PERFECT present. 


My treatments include:


I have trained at the Bristol Cancer Centre and am able to offer treatments during this trying time... CRYSTAL REIKI is a wonderfully relaxing treatment to help with the stresses and side effects of chemotherapy and other allopathic treatments.

It will help to rebalance and empower you at this time.

Special Treatments


For our Ladies in 'waiting'

Special Mamma Indulgence Top to Toe Pamper 
Allow yourself to relax as we commence with a mineral rich foot soak, followed by a delicious ayuvedic foot and lower leg sweet and savoury scrub.

Settle into a relaxing back massage with warm luxurious sweet almond oil… taking the strain from overworked muscles. An algae rich body polish of your hips, thighs and tum is followed by a detoxing and revitalising massage.

You will then be deliciously wrapped in silk in an envelopment of sublime cream to moisturise, and remineralise your skin. Whilst your body is relaxing, your face will be pampered by deep cleansing, toning and exfoliation followed by a beautiful Absolute Hydration facial.

Whilst your thirsty face regains its moisture and glow, feet will be treated to a gentle massage with velvet smooth cooling mint moisturiser.

Face Moisturiser and eye contour cream complete your Top to Toe Pamper.

Relax and Enjoy
90 mins £50

Special Mamma Divine Pamper
Allow yourself to relax with a mineral rich detoxifying foot soak, followed by an ayuvedic foot and lower leg sweet and savoury scrub. Settle into a relaxing back massage with warm oil… taking the strain from overworked muscles.

Whilst your body is relaxing cocooned in soft towels, your face will be pampered by deep cleansing, toning and exfoliation followed by a beautiful algae and vegetal Absolute Hydration facial mask. Whilst your thirsty face regains its moisture and glow….

Hips, thighs, legs and tum are treated to a detoxifying and revitalising massage with warm luxurious Almond oil… still allowing your face to regain its lustre, your feet will be treated to a gentle massage with velvet smooth cooling mint moisturiser. Moisturising Cream and eye contour cream are applied to your face to complete your Divine Pamper.

Relax and Enjoy
70 mins £40

Divine Bliss 1 ¼ hours

Enter my relaxing space at your convenience, allow your senses to take in the the aromas, the soft sensual music, leave your stresses and strains at the door… tune into the Reiki/crystal charged positive vibrations… Indulge yourself.. in the Ultimate Relaxation Back Massage with sweet almond and a blend of uplifting/relaxing essential oils tailored specifically for you. Prepare your tired face for the summer with a Thalgo Absolute Hydration Facial. Whilst your skin soaks in the nutrients and moisture ‘de la mer’ your aching feet will gratefully receive a cooling, soothing massage. Your face will be bathed in a beautiful Vitality Moisture Balm and whilst you fall deeper into relaxation your head, neck and scalp will be soothed and cajoled into a final de-stress… leaving you feeling……. DIVINE!

Normal Price £50

£35 saving you £15…..

You deserve it! Can also be purchased as a Voucher (there is no price printed on the voucher).


If you or your friends are feeling stressed, tired, out of sorts, or if someone really deserves a pampering, then a massage/healing therapy is ideal. Show how much you care by treating them to the therapy treatment of their own choice, at their own time preference... PERFECT CHRISTMAS PRESENT!

Massage encourages the body to relax and restore its equilibrium and health. That 'feel good' factor is created with the release of endorphines.

Circulation is improved and toxins removed, allowing you to get on with life with a restored zest. Skin, muscles and ligaments are revitalised encouraging bodily fitness.

Why not buy a holistic treatment for a special friend or relative or to say THANK YOU.

It is the ideal present! Gift Vouchers available for half hour or hour treatments or for part treatments or crystals as presents.

More about my treatments


The healing art of Reiki 'UNIVERSAL LIFE ENERGY' is a practice that restores balance and harmony within the body by the channelling of healing energy through the hands of the practitioner, balancing the ENERGY centres’VORTICES’ or CHAKRAS, bringing relief to a wide range of physical, mental and emotional conditions.
Treatment, 1 hour.

Reiki is a beautiful experience - a simple treatment, with truly amazing results.

It is a very effective energy also for ANIMALS.

I can send absent healing if you would prefer this method.

Crystal Healing Therapy

‘Crystals have been scientifically proven to possess vibratory energy, to generate and to emit electrical charge and to possess the vital energy force which sustains all that exists…’according to Melody
The increasing consciousness of the planet is directing humanity to the re-discovery of the ancient and neglected healing arts.
Ancients civilisations used crystals for healing… we are now able to do the same.
Depending on the problems encountered within the body, specific crystals are used on and around the person to bring the body gently back into equilibrium. It is a safe, gentle and extremely relaxing therapy.

This wonderful therapy can be used to balance the energy centres of the body, activate a person’s self-healing, to eradicate something specific – a situation, a habit, negative feelings…there are many varied uses for this healing technique. It can also be used to heal ’past life’ or ‘this life’ past experiences, which are having an adverse effect on the present time.
Treatment 1 hour.

Why not try a taster session as part of another treatment?

Indian Head Massage

Massage dates back in India some 4,000 years. The Indians used a form of massage incorporated within the ancient healing art of Ayurveda, which is the Hindu practise of health care.

Massage has always played an important role in the everyday life of Indian people. From birth to adulthood, family members share the tradition of massaging each other creating bonding and caring.

Indian Head Massage is a therapeutic massage, which helps to relieve aches and pains alleviating stress and rebalancing the energy flow, which can show in the form of migraine, tension headache, hair loss, psoriasis or eye strain.

This type of massage induces a sense of calm, tranquillity and releases anxiety. It helps to improve concentration and alertness, relieves mental and physical tiredness, edginess and depression. The Chakras or energy vortices are balanced leaving one with a wonderful feeling of CALM.
Treatment 3/4 hour


Reflexology is a NATURAL HOLISTIC THERAPY, which helps the body to achieve balance. Based on the idea of Zone Therapy where the body is divided into 10 sections with the feet being the place where the nerve endings for each of these sections are most accessible.

The feet are relaxed and massaged using special techniques over the reflex points. These points correspond to organs and glands throughout the body and also the subtle anatomy.

This removes congestion from the energy pathways permitting an unobstructed flow of energy ‘Chi’ throughout the body.

Reflexology helps to remove waste deposits that have built up in the body and may be displayed within these reflex points.

It can be used to detect areas of imbalance in the subtle body before they manifest in the physical body.

With this in mind, REFLEXOLOGY should be viewed, as it is in the East, as a PREVENTATIVE treatment, keeping the Chi or energy flow clear throughout the body, so preventing illness setting in.

Reflexology should, therefore, be experienced on a regular basis to help to maintain a healthy body and mind.   Treatment during the third trimester of pregnancy has been proven to help with labour. 

With this in mind.. should you go over 40 weeks it is also a recommended treatment by 'midwives' for an aid to assist in the start of labour using very specific techniques. 
Treatment 1 hour.


Aromatherapy is the art and science of using plant oils to bring about wellness in the body. It is truly a HOLISTIC THERAPY, taking account of the MIND, BODY and SPIRIT of the person. The Ancient Egyptians and Greeks studied and used aromatics for medicinal purposes to great effect.

After the initial consultation, specific essential oils will be selected for you and added to a base oil. Aromatherapy massage is slow and soothing, allowing the unique combination of oils to gently be absorbed by your body.

The overall effect is of relaxation with the added benefits of the qualities of the individual essential oils, and also the synergy of the combination. Some oils can leave you relaxed yet totally energised at the same time. Other oils can be used for specific conditions eg Black Pepper for muscular problems.
Treatment 1 hour.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage Therapy, is the most common form of massage.

Using a variety of movements, with base oil or cream, focused on muscle layers and connective tissue, Swedish massage is used to improve circulation, free muscular adhesions and increase muscle tone. 

Massage therapy improves circulation by bringing oxygen and other nutrients to body tissues. It relieves muscle tension and pain, increases flexibility and mobility, and helps clear lactic acid and other waste from the tissues, to be eliminated by the body, which can reduce pain and stiffness in muscles and joints.

This can be a part or full body treatment dependant on your requirements.
Treatment 1 hour or 1/2 hour.

Remedial massage

Remedial massage is a deeper massage generally, to which I have effectively combined Reiki to reduce inflammation and eradicate pain.
Treatment 1/2 to 1 hour.

Holistic Facial Massage - look younger naturally

Holistic Facial Massage is a deeply relaxing and soothing treatment, which contributes to the balance of health in the whole body. We incorporate massage with acupressure techniques. The blend of these techniques works on the facial muscles, easing tension, smoothing away lines, and increasing elasticity
By using a sequence of techniques that stimulate the meridians and acupressure points in the face, neck and scalp we help to promote skin flexibility and suppleness, improving complexion, calming the nervous system and amplifying the body’s healing ability.

The main benefits are: release of muscle tension, relaxation, relief of stress symptoms such as eye strain, headaches & insomnia, repair and balance the condition of the skin, stimulation of cellular activity and rejuvenation so minimising the ageing process, desquamation (removal of dead skin cells), boost of lymphatic & blood circulation and help to remove toxins.

This has been used to good effect to counteract the problems associated with LUPUS and tear duct deficiency.

I also have various Thalgo Facials to complement your skin requirements.

Thalgo Absolute Hydration Facial ... half hour .... £30
Thalgo Oxygen Detox Facial .... one hour ....£40

Contact me to find out more.. I am only too pleased to discuss which treatments or combination of treatments would be of benefit to you with no obligation. 

In general an hour's massage is £30.


I contacted Maurita via Natural Therapy Pages as the feel from her descriptions was 'just right'. We decided on a combination of Reiki and aromatherapy back massage. It was the most blissful experience.... I have now decided on a regular treatment with Maurita to be kind to myself in order to be more effective in my everyday stressful life.

Suzanne K

I was worried about my first session with Maurita as I had never had massage before. I should not have, because she put me at my ease and I can only describe my aromatherapy massage as magic! I regularly top up my relaxation to add time to my life. Gratitude

K Baldwin

My sessions with Maurita have included, reflexology, Crystal therapy, Reiki, angel cards and aromatherapy full body massage. During all the treatments I have had thorough involvement and had tailor made treatments according to my conditions. Maurita provides a professional service in the comfort of your own home and results in holistic wellbeing. I would recommend any treatment provided, as she is warm and welcoming and very receptive to individual needs and concerns.

Everyone should have a Maurita in their life !!

Many Thanks

Louise Shawcross, Padiham

……….. a big thank you as I am still pain free!
I came to Maurita after suffering over a week with terrible lower back pain. After explaining to Maurita my symptoms she recommended a remedial massage with some Reiki healing. Afterwards the pain had reduced and the following morning I awoke to feeling pain free. There was no need for my doctor’s appointment on Monday.
She gave me good advice, which I am following and a week has passed and I am still free of pain.
Thank you Maurita

Kind Regards

Mrs. Pam Firth

I approached Maurita to see if she could recommend a treatment that would help me to relax and to calm me when I get stressed. She recommended reflexology and crystal reiki so I decided to try these therapies. I found this treatment to be very relaxing and just what I needed. I had a wonderful nights sleep afterwards and still felt very relaxed the next day too. I would certainly recommend these treatments or should I call them 'treats' and look forward to more therapies too in the near future. Thank you Maurita..

Janet C Kerr, Blackburn

As a therapist myself I am very critical, however I can honestly say the crystal reiki I received was excellent and the massage is the best I have ever had!!!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

Karen, B Cheshire




Registered Holistic Therapist - Federation of Holistic Therapists MICHT ~ Melody Crystal Practitioner ~ Celtic Reiki Master Bristol Cancer Centre Practitioner Thalgo Body and Facial Therapist Cert Ed. Dip SpLD (MMU) AMBDA (dyslexia tuition)

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